The” Pig” [ ham , bacon, sausage ,” lunch meats” ] were not meant for human consumption  Isa 66 : 17 ,  it’s an unclean animal , do you understand ? !!!   Lev 11 : 7 [ Niv]  bible . Like the rat, snake , certain seafood, fowl , etc !  It’s like putting airplane fuel in a car , too rich to digest . That’s why the country’s  [ U. S. ] that consume it have a” greater” rate of stomach , colon , and rectal cancer.

Think about this, how long it takes to cook it compared to, [ fish, turkey ,chicken , red meat ].   It’s hilarious when I discuss it with people, they say or act like they could never live life without ham , bacon, sausage , lunch meats , unbelievable . Check out post “13 reasons not to eat pork “

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