It’s interesting, everyone is overweight and heart attacks are more” prevalent” than ever in America , and hardly anyone is consuming ” whole” milk , eggs , and real butter,  but 2% , 1%  and skim .  People  have believed the “big lie” they are unhealthy to consume . Vitamin D deficiency was unheard of as well as  Osteoporosis, disk and skeletal degeneration  when” people consumed” whole” dairy products back roughly 40 yrs ago and before that time  . Think about it .

The” Pig” [ ham , bacon, sausage ,” lunch meats” ] were not meant for human consumption  Isa 66 : 17 ,  it’s an unclean animal , do you understand ? !!!   Lev 11 : 7 [ Niv]  bible . Like the rat, snake , certain seafood, fowl , etc !  It’s like putting airplane fuel in a car , too rich to digest . That’s why the country’s  [ U. S. ] that consume it have a” greater” rate of stomach , colon , and rectal cancer.

Think about this, how long it takes to cook it compared to, [ fish, turkey ,chicken , red meat ].   It’s hilarious when I discuss it with people, they say or act like they could never live life without ham , bacon, sausage , lunch meats , unbelievable . Check out post “13 reasons not to eat pork “

Canola oil is horrific , why is everyone using it?, including almost all health food stores [ Whole foods]  who serve foods at their hot bars etc ? It’s one of the worst substances one can consume, it has all kinds of detrimental side effects.

Oils need to be from foods , seeds , or edible plants e.g.  olive oil comes from olives , peanut oil comes from peanuts , corn oil comes from corn , what food does canola oil come from ? it doesn’t , but from a “poisonous” plant [ rapeseed] .

Essential oils are from [ plants] and are used by and large ” externally”.  Most health food company’s , stores , use it because it’s cheaper than the better oils , [ olive , peanut ]  and they care more about saving money than your health.  1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible .

You get  Vit  A , B , C, E, from  foods, why wouldn’t you get D also from foods, [ whole dairy]  that you have to take D supplements to get it, as is the prevailing belief .

It’s appalling what the overwhelming majority of pediatricians are advising mothers of infants and children,” not “to give them” whole” milk , when the fat helps develop their brain . There was no formula , similac,  2 % , 1% , or  skim at a certain point in time, so a women either 1]  breast-fed or 2] gave their infant “whole milk preferable [ grass-fed] from a goat, sheep, or cow , plain and simple.

And the fat content of breast milk is greater than whole milk [ dairy] .You breast feed from day one , then why do they tell mothers of infants either not to give the infant whole milk, or wait x amount of time before they give them whole milk ? .  And remember if you don’t breast feed the whole milk [ bottle]  has to be” room” temperature.

One big reason there is so much high blood pressure is because pork consumption is so prevalent . It’s very high in salt which causes fluid retention hence forth high blood pressure . Cut out the lunch meats [ salami, baloney, chipped ham,  bacon and  sausage,]  and” cut back” on the salt shaker, and I guarantee your blood pressure will regulate  .

It’s unbelievable that most people are excepting the” big lie” that complex carbs [ bread ] are bad for you [ Atkins , Ketosis , Paleo ] . Carbs [ grains]  are the body’s main source of fuel [ a scientific fact ] which the bible backs up Zech 9 : 17 [Niv] bible  . There are exceptions to the rule as in everything in the universe .  People like the Eskimos who live in extreme cold need a high fat diet” not” high carb , but that’s not you or me .

It’s detrimental to one’s health” not” to eat carbs [ bread] with protein , [ meats]  [ Atkins , Paleo , Keto way ] for it will put you into a state of Ketosis [ an acidic blood Ph ] which you do” not” want and a host of health problems like [ gout , arthritis , kidney problems etc ] .

If all these  [whole dairy]  substitutes in the U. S. [ soy , almond , flax ,  silk ] etc , as well reduced fat dairy 2% , 1%, skim are acceptable for” whole” dairy ,  then why is osteoporosis still epidemic among women,? and why is everyone vitamin D deficient like 65% of Americans for instance . Think about it !!!

Looking good or your best isn’t about lotions, creams , shampoo’s   etc  [ the outside] , but about how you eat , [ the inside] see  Dan 1 : all  [ Niv] bible .  It’s about getting the proper nutrients ,  vitamins , minerals , oils , omega’s from foods .  Like vitamins C for healthy looking skin , nails  etc , from fruits /veg  . [ Whole grains , which have oils ,  whole milk , fish [ not deep fried] for omega’s to keep the skin from looking dried out ] Olive oil which is great for the skin as well as the internal organs   .

Notice in Dan chapter 1 he ate a [ certain way] which made him look better than everyone else . It’s astonishing how your appearance changes when you eat right .
I remember working for a boss who quit eating animal meats [ red and pork] and became a [strict] vegan even though that is not good either  . He had a picture on the wall of himself years ago when he was a big meat eater and the difference was incredible , it was like 2 different looking people .

The better you eat the better you will look . You are what you eat . Now some people have great appearances even though they eat junk food , [McDonalds] because they have great genetics [ exception to the rule ] . In general you will look better as well as feel better,  if you eat right .

It’s the exact same with a dog when you feed a dog real wholesome foods not dog food which for the most part is depleted of nutrients the dogs coat will completely change . I was living with a friend and convinced him to stop giving his dogs , dog food  . I started to feed the dogs real whole foods , like whole milk , whole grains , eggs ,  butter and it was incredible the difference in their coats like 1 week later .

Be careful of being told you have high blood pressure by Dr’.s. They just want to make “money” selling medications 1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible , which are terrible, and have [ deadly] side effects  .
If the top number is 150 or below that is fine , the [ way more important] reading is the bottom number as long as it’s ” 85″ or lower  you do not have high blood pressure . And all you have to do is eat a small piece of dark chocolate 2 or 3 x a week for like a couple months then off a couple months if you want  .

Dark chocolate relaxes [ dilate’s]  arteries by like 40% which then lets the blood flow though the veins and arteries with less pressure . There are other natural remedies [ foods , Herbs]  for high blood P ,  just google it . Throw away the blood P meds get of them slowly !!!! .

Hello, you” cannot” take [ physician prescribed medications]  for a health condition,  the side effects are “horrific” unless it’s an emergency like a car accident  . It’s the 4th leading cause of death . Look at the T. V.  commercials  they come on after the intro to the drug and tell you the side effects .  So why are people still taking these drugs , it’s nut’s .

“Herbs”  and foods are the real way to help any health problem without any side     effect for the most part  Ez 47 : 12 , Rev 22 : 2  [Niv] bible .

[  Just google herbs  or natural remedies for whatever health problem you have ].

Alzheimer’s  is flat out caused by cooking in Teflon and aluminum skillets ,the correlation is undeniable . The condition is a” modern day” malady unheard of in times past .  When you cook in the above mentioned skillets the chemicals come of on the food and when ingested lodge in the brain . It takes like 10 to 20 some years to accumulate enough to damage the neurons in the brain . The skillets came out in the 70’s which after the 10 to 20 yrs of accumulation correlates to when you first  started to hear of this horrific condition , the mid 80’s .

Throw away those type skillets and use an Iron or stainless steel skillet .

Again, it’s nut’s the false knowledge being passed of for truth. You do not want a high fat or protein diet, but high  complex carbs [ grains] which is the body’s main source of fuel, a” scientific” fact,  which the bible backs up  Zech 9 : 17 [Niv] bible . Also see  Dan 1 : all [ [ Niv] bible .

Heart attacks are not caused by inflammation ,  as you hear today among almost all the health talk shows , and in the news,  but clogged arteries .  Which is from a high fat diet [ animal] meats as well as any excess calories that are not burned up , like refined carbs commercial [ pastries , cakes, white bread  ] etc  the American diet .

How come when they do open heart surgery you see arteries clogged with plaque , it’s nonsense inflammation causes heart attacks .

Think about this, when vaccines were rarely given autism was rare , as vaccines became more commonplace so has autism.

This just isn’t being understood by anyone even the so- called health talk show experts .The” 3″ types of carbs as I stated in point 78 of [ DYK] post . Complex [ whole grains] and simple [ fruit] are what the body is set up for  [ a scientific fact]  ,  their good for you, which blows up the false understanding  that’s going around that Ketosis , Paleo, Atkins] [ low to no carb]  is a good state to be in .

They keep saying cut out the carbs but they don’t specify refined not complex [ whole grains] .Whole grains and fruit have naturally occurring sugar in them, the way God made it , refined carbs contain cane sugar[ table]  that’s what causes diabetes , not whole grains or fruit . Who’s eating whole grains and fruit,? what % of Americans, I’d say  maybe about 30% .

Again, you don’t get diabetes from whole grains and fruit/veg,  but from  refined carbs [ white bread , doughnuts, pop, pastries , candy etc ].

Naturally occurring sugar [ fructose] in fruit , is not the same as table [ dextrose] sugar . Besides take apples , how many can you eat at one sitting , your full after one apple because of the fiber . Plus you get all kinds of nutrients in an apple that you don’t in a candy bar  .

You want to eat the food or drink instead of taking a nutrient from them  and taking it in pill form . For example , Resveratrol which is found in red wine , just drink” one” glass of red wine 3 to 4 x  a week and you will get great benefits ,[ science backs it up. ]  You do” not” have to drink say 30 glasses a day  to get benefits, as all the health talk shows say , as well as what you hear on T. V.  and radio . They say that so you buy their pills because they love money not you!!!

  • Remember “whole foods have tremendous healing powers” . Forget about the supplements eat the food or drink .

I promise you, if you follow this  basic way of eating  1] Drink spring or well water  2] Eat lot’s of  [ whole grains, fruit/ Veg ]   3]  Consume” whole” dairy products, nut’s , and poultry [hormone  free]   etc    4]  Eat more “dark” fish [tuna]  not fried,   5]  Cut out “all” pork and  [ lunch meats ]   6] Consume red meat [ very moderately]   7] Regularly consume  olive oil and  red wine [ moderately ]. You will “not “have any health problems .

Also , stay away from bad oils [ canola , cotton , corn , soy , ] , deep-fried foods, [ hydrogenated  oils ,[ trans fats ]  and chemicals . [ read the ingredients] . It’s that simple , and at almost 60 I’m living proof .

Science” totally backs up” the bible concerning nutrition , as many study’s and articles over the years have shown [ red wine , olive oil , grains] , as well as “whole” dairy to name a few are tremendous for the body, which the bible is very big on  . Dt 14 : 23 , Rev 6 : 6 , Nu 18 : 12  , Isa 55 : 1 [ Niv]  bible .

All the health talk shows try to get you to take Pro- biotics so they can make money, 1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible .  When its “way” better to eat  yogurt  made from “whole” milk . There is no comparison, consuming the food is infinitely better than taking a nutrient, mineral  out of food in pill form . Just eat like 2 cups a week for like a month or” 2″ and you will put plenty of friendly bacteria back into your system , as well as calcium, fat, protein that’s in the yogurt  .

You  “cannot” take pain medications , do you understand ? , sure it will dull or take the pain away but they back up your bowels [ constipation] they cause all kinds of new problems. It makes no sense .
There’s a saying” the cure is worse than the disease,” and you take the chance of addiction .There are safe   [ natural]  pain medication that are powerful like  gall , myrr and other Herbs  Mat 27 : 34 [ Niv] bible . Without the harmful side effects .

You can’t take Vit D supps , it’s real dangerous , it builds up excessive levels of calcium[ arterial calcification]  in the blood stream .  Go google it .

Think about this, everyone is taking Vit  D supps yet everyone is still D deficient , hello!.  Vit D is a fat soluble Vit which means it” isn’t” excreted daily from your body, like the water soluble Vit  B and C  , which as I just stated will build up in your arteries . [arterial calcification].

It makes no sense , you eat foods to get Vitamins A, B , C, and E but you can’t get D from food ?, as all the health talk shows around the country tell you.  You have to take Vit supps to get” D” , it’s nut’s . What you don’t know will destroy you  Hos 4 :6  [Niv] bible .

You do” not” want to be a “Strict vegetarian” , [” No” whole dairy , meats , poultry ]  it’s very unhealthy .  You can’t get enough fat [ saturated] ,  or the right balance of omega 3’s to 6’s  and B- 12 , if you eat from only” 2″ of the original” 4″ food groups   1] Grains  2]  Fruit / Veg .

Sure you will” never” have a heart attack [ clogged arteries]  but you will considerable  increase your chances of having  Serious skeletal problems. Go online to vegan sites and posts, a lot of people talked about how their teeth started to crumble and the skeletal problems they encountered

Remember the old adage ” to ensure you get all “6” essential nutrients eat from all ” 4″ food groups” . And I’ve noticed they [ strict vegans]  age faster [ wrinkles , grey ]  La  4 : 1 [ Niv] bible , [ it means or is talking about people ] , which would stand true , since you can’t get enough omega 3 ‘s  , or saturated fat which is great for skin and hair , found in” whole” dairy and meats [ red , fish] .

I’ll keep repeating certain understandings or points  because it’s so important and it may get some of you to really think about what I’m saying and trying to get across , as Paul said and  did in the bible.   Phi 3 : 1 [  Niv] bible .

Another thought about taking Vit D supps . You can”not”take Vit D supps, it’s terrible , you will cause yourself serious problems like “arterial calcification” , [ hardening and calcium buildup in the arteries ] ,  A – Fib [ irregular heart beat ] you must consume whole dairy products , to get calcium, don’t listen to what you hear today  , it’s all wrong .  For Vit D  to be absorbed  foods have to have  fat [ saturated] in them , or it will not be absorbed .

That’s why” reduced” fat dairy is useless , as well as almond , soy , silk , flax , dairy substitutes .

The gluten paranoia is nut’s , it’s nonsense , just like whole milk is bad or causes mucus , that you want low carb or Ketosis is a good thing , nonsense. Gluten occurs naturally  in all grains  [ wheat , rye  , barley , spelt corn , etc ! ,God put it in grains . People think it’s the problem when it isn’t . Celiac’s disease probably effects like 2% of people not like 75% of people , as we are being led to believe. People who say their gluten free are eating pork , white bread , tap water , foods with all kinds of chemicals, artificial colors and flavors , canola oil , deep fried foods,  MSG , and mixing all kinds of foods [ group]  at one meal ,  and their blaming gluten, ridiculous .

Quit spending money on Vit and supps it’s a waist of money . Again, we as a nation consume more than most nations yet we are one of the” unhealthiest” people in the world , hello !!!. All the health talk shows across the country are just trying to make money no different than in the old west , when the guy would come around with the card table set up and have his bottle of snake oil telling you how it would solve all your health problems.

Again, the body absorbs nutrients from pills poorly a” fact” , focus on eating right from all” 4″ food groups” just listen to what your body is craving” nutrient wise, it’s that simple, whole dairy , a piece of  fruit , more protein [ fish , chicken ]  etc !.

I have no agenda, no Vitamins  , or supps  [ pills] to sell, no office to visit , to make money , just” trying” to do what I know God wants me to do, work for his honor , and hope to help you people who are worried , confused , desperate about your failing health  with the proper understanding [ truth]  . Jn 8 : 32 [ Niv ] bible

It’s” not” true that our food is nutrient depleted , I checked on it , and we still have some of the richest class “1” soil in America  in the [ Ca. valleys]  were we get most of our produce etc !, in the [ whole world ].  Go google” is our soil depleted”. So that shoots down the argument our food is lacking nutrients , and that you have to take Vit and supps  .

And hopefully I will prove it to the whole world. I take nothing except[ Herbs] which is to get an organ to function back up to it’s capacity, and which are very biblical as I have stated . If I take a blood sample as I’m told, it can tell you  if your deficient in a Vitamin,  and if  I have no deficiency, that will prove the food is strong enough, BINGO!!!.

Almost every bread making Co. makes bread without oils , and the breads fall apart,  unbelievable. You” must” make bread with oils  1 Kgs 17  [ Niv] bible  to remedy the problem .  The kicker is Ezekiel bread as biblical as you can get, yet they [ the bread Co. ] doesn’t understand you need to put oil in the ingredients .I don’t understand how these Co. send out their product but don’t see the problem , it’s what they do for a living .
So am I the only one who notices or comments to these Co .  which would be unbelievable , and if not, then why if other people email them are they not doing anything about it ?.How can you own a bread making Co. and keep sending out bread that falls apart ?.

Oils from “foods”  are great for you to ingest not from plants [ canola] . I guess that’s why the bread Co.’s don’t put oils in their bread they think oils are harmful to the body . Yet science shows [ olive oil] has tremendous benefits.

Here are the good oils [ olive  , peanut , sunflower , safflower , coconut,  sesame,  palm] . The one’s to stay away from are corn and soy [ only because they are GMO ]  cottonseed , and of course the worst [ canola] oil ,which again , is from a poisonous plant [ rapeseed ].

This is so important and maybe” literally” no one in the whole world understands this , health talk show hosts alike , across the  whole country. There are” 4″  original food groups  1]  fruits/ veg   2]  whole grains  3]  whole dairy  4 ]  meats, poultry, nuts. This covers everything perfectly , don’t listen to the nonsense they put out today that there’s  3 , 5 or 7 etc  ! .All you have to do is keep these” 4″ in mind every day and let your body tell you which it’s  [ craving ]  lacking or needs .  If you’re craving” whole” dairy consume it, don’t abstain from a group because the socalled experts come out and tell you it’s bad . Your body won’t lie to you but they will .

What did Einstein say  ” Keep it simple ” . Remember, most of what you hear today is nonsense especially on line , You tube, about 85%  see  Isa 59 : 15 [ Niv] bible. That’s why come to think of it Christ said “seek the truth” , which means you have to work some at finding the truth concerning any subject for that matter , especially the health and nutrition field , very interesting .There is a saying I love, that is so true and biblical so to speak  ”  If it’s new it can’t be true and if it’s true it’s not new ” . Unbelievable . [ LOL] .

Listen this is sooooooo simple yet literally no one in the whole world understand’s this . There are no bad foods . Again, there are” 4″ food groups  1]   fruit / veg   2] Whole grains   3]  Whole dairy  4]  Meats, nuts, poultry . There’s no bad fruit or vegetable , it’s ridiculous.  There’s a variety, same with grains [ wheat , barley , rye , spelt , buckwheat , corn , millet etc , ] ,there are no bad basic dairy products , goat , cow , sheep all their [ milk and cheese] is excellent for you ,contrary to the nonsense you hear . There are no bad  beans , nuts, but a variety, all basically good [ almonds , peanuts , pistachio’s , brazil, walnut’s etc ] the way God made it . How could something “whole” or a food group be bad for you? . You eat a variety from all” 4″ food groups to get all” 6″ essential nutrients , common sense as the saying goes  .

Aaaaaah, but the only foods bad for you are the  meats  [ animal , fowl , seafood], pig, rat, crabs , oysters  etc ! You” can’t” eat just anything that walks, crawls or swims , do you understand ?. Step back, think about what I’m saying , it’s so simple, it goes over everyone’s head , because everyone want’s to make every thing real complicated to massage their ego’s  1 Cor 8 : 1 [ Niv ] bible , especially the health talk show hosts . They can’t get anything right , they want to impress you with all their book learning , so they blow of all the basic’s , like carbs are the body’s main source of fuel not protein or fat .

Go google” body’s main source of fuel” , so then why does everyone tell you go low or no carb [ Paleo , Atkins , Ketosis]  period . It’s nut’s !!!.It’s like everyone wants everything to be real deep and complicated , the old basics are no good anymore, or people just want to change things because their bored or it will be new and exciting .Just because a principle is older doesn’t mean it’s not true or relevant . Oh no, we have to come up with something new and exciting or it’s no good.

Remember , don’t listen or follow along with what everyone is doing or saying.Matt 7 : 13 ,14 . You can be in a room arguing with 19 other people about a  given subject and you can be the one who is right and their wrong , unbelievable ! !!

Instead of spending your money on a bottle of  Vit” C”  pills , take that money and go buy a bag of apples [organic] preferable . Even commercial is way better than a pill .. As for the chemicals on it, just take your finger tips and scratch the apple as you rinse it under water for like 30 sec .

You’re deceiving yourself if you think you can get your  Vit C  from pills and you can get away with not eating fruit .  Fruit with seeds is” so important”.  Gen 1 : 12, 13 ,  Gen 3 : 6 , Rev 22 : 2  [NIV]  bible .

Lots of Meat [ pork, red meat ]  which contains saturated fat, is the cause of heart disease,  as well as extra calories  from refined carbs [ cakes , cookies, doughnuts, candy ] which turns to fat when not burned up, not inflammation, as everyone is telling you today, especially all the health talk shows around the country  [U. S . ]  . Here’s proof or simple reasoning  heart disease [ attacks] is” unheard” of in Vegans [ non-meat eaters] .

In the bible or the religious world  it’s understood Christ made your body , so wouldn’t it make sense to eat like he did ?. Here’s what he consumed in the way of food and water . He drank “spring” or” well” water , he ate a” good bit” of  whole grains [ wheat, rye, barley, spelt ]  along with a variety of [ fruit / veg] .  He consumed” whole” dairy products reguarly  [ milk , cheese, real butter  ], lots of fish [ not deep-fried]  olive oil , red wine  [ moderately].   He rarely ate red meat, only on special occasions . Never ate pork . Would  never put chemicals into his body [ read ingredients]  or unedible oils like [ canola , cottonseed , GMO [ corn ,soy], or eat something  deep- fried .

Here’s why kids are so fidgety , can’t concentrate, or sit still  [ ADD ]  . The parents let them consume all kinds of products which are loaded with” sugar”  [ refined cereals , white bread , pop tarts , pop,  popcicles ,candy ] . The problem , sugar destroys the” B” Vit which are responsible for a healthy nervous system !!!. Remember  Pt  92  [ DYK] section   Think about it .

You can never use exception to the rule as an argument . For example, people will argue with me about carbs being unimportant and will bring up the Inuit [ people who live in extreme cold ] . That’s not you or me living in extreme cold like minus 20 year around . They need a high fat diet not carbs , but” in general” which is so important, most people need high carb, medium protein, low-fat .

Here’s another example of exception to the rule . The 99yr old lady who been smoking 3 packs a day  and doesn’t get lung cancer . Her lungs are so efficent at removing toxins etc that she will never get lung cancer . People use examples like that to say or believe you can smoke and not get lung cancer . For everyone like her which is rare ,the overwhelming majority of people who smoke for long periods will end up with some lung disease. Do you understand ?.

It’s interesting . I was jut talking to someone about nutrition who said  ,yeah we were meant to live of the land plant-based for food not animals, which makes sense and is so true . It’s way easy and more practical to pick some grains, grind them, and bake a loaf of bread than go out kill an animal ,skin it, cut away the meat from the bones , cut away all the fat, drain the blood, to eat and live daily as the Paleo people will try to tell you .
They try to tell you that’s what ancient civilizations did . How much animal meat would you eat if you had to go out in your backyard kill an animal go through all the above steps I mentioned , daily to eat . Unbelievable . Nonsense .

As for people who say a high fat diet isn’t the cause of heart disease [ attacks ] what about all the study’s over the last 30 yrs  [ Pritkin  Ornish] showing you can reverse heart disease by go meatless [ animal ] . Checkmate , busted !!! .

Let’s get this straight, Dr.’s are great for emergency’s [ car accident]  or when they know the problem, like someone needing a heart transplant !!! . In this “context” their wonderful , but when it comes to [diagnosing and treating] you for a  chronic health condition , stay away from them as “far” as you can. You know one of my favorite verses  Mk 5 : 26 Niv [bible] .

Amazing .They don’t understand cause and effect, they only know how to treat the symptom with deadly drugs . Just like Veterinarians .

Concerning sleep , as I previously expounded in one of the above [ FFT] points and I think  [DYK]  section  .  The elderly need even less than 5 ,  adults need 5 to 6 hrs , teenagers need 8 to 10 and children 10 or more .A study just came out explaining how teenagers need 8 to 10 hrs .Think about it the older  [ elderly] you get the less sleep you need . God made it that way so you could be awake “more” and enjoy life, because you don’t have that much longer to live  .The opposite for children . Amazing.

Do not deceive yourself, ” smoking” marijuana even in” moderation” is an “unhealthy” habit , the negatives of smoking it outweigh the benefits . The drug considerable increases the chances of lung cancer , slows reflexes , has a psychological effect were it takes away one’s motivation , and erodes memory .The same is” not” true for alcohol in moderation . Many study’s show it has health benefits ,especially red wine, without any detrimental side effects , which of course the bible extols  .So the argument alcohol is worse than pot is nonsense .People actually live longer who drink moderately, than those who abstain.Sure, anything you abuse will destroy you in due time, too much food, drink, even exercise .

The point, smoking pot even in “moderation” is still no good . The other ,alcohol in moderation is  “very” good .You know the rules ” good food and a little alcohol” .  Ecc 9 : 7 [Niv] bible . No illicit drugs !!!.  Get excited baby bears,  get excited .

You do not want to eat fruits like watermelons, grapes, oranges  that are “seedless”. They use a “bad” drug [ colchicine]  to produce them without seeds .Think about it, they naturally have seeds in them ,why wouldn’t you eat them with seeds in them?. It’s interesting as someone on-line said ,they don’t taste right without the seeds.

This is what’s happening in the health and nutrition world. All the health talk show hosts and  Dr.’s blow of basic nutritional science because it’s simple and old .They don’t care if it’s true, everyone wants something new and complicated , because they are puffed up with all their book-learning . They want to impress you with all their knowledge , big words and terminology 1 Cor 8 : 1 [Niv] bible .It’s like everyone wants or has to have something new, the “old” truth isn’t exciting enough . Unbelievable .

You want to wear clothes made from 100% natural material [ cotton, silk, linen , wool ] . Your skin won’t sweat or breathe right unless they are .

Think about this , I noticed  Christ fed his disciples one breakfast morning fish and bread ,  Jn 21 : 9 [ Niv] bible . Eating higher protein for breakfast is good “contrary” to what I thought . Usually, I have whole grain toast [ mostly carbs a little protein]  and coffee or herbal tea , because I have to leave like 5: 30 for my bus . I’m too uninspired for some reason to make say an egg [ protein]  for breakfast along with the bread [ carb]  during the week . I noticed when I pushed myself to make an egg [ protein]  along with the toast a couple of mornings I felt considerable more energetic and stronger . Amazing !!!Fish is high protein,” low” fat [ saturated ] unlike say red meat [ high protein , high fat ] .

Remember, it takes longer to digest [ blood going to the stomach]  high fat foods than foods low in fat, which makes you have that lethargic heavy feeling till it’s digested .Oh, this goes against what the Paleo and Ketosis diets advocates [ no carbs with protein ] which is most “unscientific” .Again, the bible is proved valid by science.

Are you ready ?, think about this.  I say Prince died because he didn’t know how to eat right , that’s right . Here goes . He was a strict vegan , which means not only did he not eat any meats , he didn’t consume any” whole “dairy products . All strict  vegans think “whole” dairy is bad .

Prince was taking pain medications because he was in great pain [ hip] problem. His hips were deteriorating from the stress of  doing splits and all kinds of moves on stage for decades . If he would have consumed” whole” dairy products his hips wouldn’t have deteriorated and he wouldn’t have had to take pain killers . Do you see what I’m saying ?. Many strict vegans have musculo- skeletal problems . “Whole” dairy is so important for most people” not” all as I have stated . Think about it . Unbelievable .

 DO YOU UNDERSTAND !!!   What you “don’t understand” will ruin you concerning nutrition .  Which of course reminds me of  Hos 4 : 6 [Niv] bible .

As I’ve stated before , high protein [ animal meats ]  the  American diet is hard on the kidney’s . Look at all the kidney dialysis centers in this country  . It has sky rocketed over the last say 25 yrs .  No matter what anyone say’s, it’s always going to be whole grains, fruit/ veg, as the mainstay of one’s diet, not animal meats .

Another point concerning the above FFT . Every one cut out or way back on carbs which means an acidic blood Ph .Remember that simple point, you must eat carbs [ bread]  with protein [ fish]  to keep the Ph alkaline  . So an acidic Ph is hard on the kidney’s as well .  So much for the fish without the bun .

Concerning the above FFT . Nobody seems to understand cause and effect . Same with osteoporosis, everyone was told bad whole dairy,  bad ! since then the condition as well as skeletal and disk degeneration has skyrocketed . Think about what I’m saying

Think about this , the symbol for the medical profession is 2 serpents slivering up a pole . Unbelievable , scary .

It’s nonsense that you want to eat between meals as I have believed myself at times . The more I have been thinking about it, the more I realize I and that belief or thought is wrong .I was into bodybuilding a while back and that group is real big on that belief .
The bible goes against that teaching  Ps 145 : 15 , Matt 24 : 45 [ Niv] bible .Eating in between breakfast, lunch and dinner is just a lack of self – control, plain and simple , an excuse to eat more often . The problem is your not as hungry for lunch or dinner when you snack in between , and it takes away the excitement or satisfaction that you waited to eat at the proper times . Kind of like saying you need lots of sleep an excuse to sleep longer because the real reason is sleep is so pleasurable .[LOL]

Think about this , Angelina Jolie  didn’t have to have her breasts removed . She had a great fear ,which is understandable, that she would have the same fate of her mother who died of breast cancer  .Just because you  have a family history of certain health problems, conditions [ heart attacks , cancer, prostate ]  etc! doesn’t mean it will be that way for you . THEY ATE WRONG , DO YOU UNDERSTAND !!!.  If you eat right ,the same fate won’t happen to you .I’ll bet a million dollars Jolie’s [mom] ate a high fat [ saturated ] diet animal meats ,[ red , pork]  and very little whole grains, fruit / veg , as well as whole milk .It would be tremendous if we could find that out somehow . If you have a family history of cancer , don’t drink tap water ,which is loaded with chemicals , and foods that have chemicals in them like they did , and you will not get cancer .Do you understand ? , plain and simple .

Again 97% of cancer is diet related, a fact .There can be external factors to keep in mind , like living around power plants , high pollution area’s etc . Be aware and make the adjustment.

Here in the Pgh area there is a place called Clairton , which has steel mills still spewing out pollution . It has like the greatest lung cancer incidence in the “whole” country . See what I’m saying ?.

When someone has a health problem it’s because they are not eating right .It’s about cause and effect . So telling them to take supplements as” all” the health talk shows do across the country does nothing . There eating devitalized bread [ white]  , drinking tap water , consuming water-downed dairy  products , eating pork, and too much red meat , not enough fruits/veg .

I was thinking about the death of apple co -founder Steve Jobs . Like Prince he died because of the lack of proper knowledge , understanding Hos 4 : 6  . Think about it, it’s unbelievable, he was so smart, but he didn’t understand or blew of “basic” nutrition . It blows my mind when you meditate on it .He was a fruititarian at times and he fasted a lot . He went to “extremes” instead of the basics, eat from all 4 food groups to ensure you get all 6 essential nutrients .

Again, what you don’t understand will ruin you . Do you see what I’m saying , lots of times everyone is looking for some [ deep extra special knowledge or understanding] when it’s just simple understanding . It’s like the old basics are no good anymore not exciting enough , unbelievable .What did Einstein say, keep it simple . Wow .Here are ” 2″ scriptures that remind me of the above understanding  Ecc 7 : 18 ,    Jn 8 : 32  [Niv] bible .

As I’ve said, I love sayings, some more than others . Like ” if it’s new it can’t be true , and if it’s true it’s not new “.  One of my” all time” favorites . As well as ” if you wait long enough , science will catch up with the bible ”  [ LOL] . Here are  a list  of some of the” new understanding” that fits into the ” if it’s new” saying category .

1]  Sugar doesn’t cause” sugar” diabetes .
2] Inflammation causes heart attacks, not clogged arteries .
3] Dental flossing is bad .
4] Carbs [ grains]  are no good or not needed.
5] Coffee is bad for your health .
6] Whole dairy is bad
7] Alcohol even moderation is bad
8] Ketosis is a good thing
9] Eggs are bad for you

 As far as I know from listening  , this is what is taught or believed by just about all the [health talk shows] around the country . Ridiculous . It’s all misunderstanding . All “not” true .

It’s hard to become “considerable” overweight when eliminating animal meats [ red and pork] . Have you ever seen an overweight true vegan ?.

Here is a great way to clean or detox yourself “slowly” . Like once or twice a week, sit down at like dinner and eat the” whole” head of leafy lettuce or even two . With some onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, etc . Make sure you use olive oil and vinegar . Along with some bread and butter of course and red wine [ if you don’t have an alcohol problem ] . As I’ve stated, red wine is exceptional for women Zech 9 : 17 Niv bible .

  1. Look , this is sooo important when getting “excited” about cleaning out your body [ colon cleanses] etc .I would be remiss if I didn’t enlighten or illuminate all of you ,  because it’s dangerous to have been eating wrong, McDonalds etc, for decades,  get real excited, then decide you are going to do cleanses . You have to know what your doing or it’s not good  Pr 19 : 2  , Rom 10 : 2 [Niv]  bible .

There was a T.V. star  named Michael Landon way back who had cancer , he decided to go the natural way instead  of  chemo etc . He did coffee enema’s etc , instead of foods . . He ended up dying because he poisoned his blood stream. The ‘enema’s released “too” many chemicals, “too” fast into his body . You do not want to go on colon cleanse , enemas “right” away . The true or much better way is to eat lots of greens [leafy] light and  dark as well as drinking more spring water . This will greatly and most important “slowly” release toxins from the body . Do it for like at least 1 yr if not 2yrs . Then go to cleanses if you want, but still do it slowly  !!!.Also, what is it  ?, I think juices [ fruit] cleanse and[ vegetables] build back up .

The new study just came out , well actually old , eggs are bad . Ridiculous . Eggs are great for you , period . They, whoever they are, came out like 30yrs ago along with “whole” dairy telling everyone there no good . No one’s even consuming eggs or whole dairy so the study doesn’t make any sense . They are  blaming eggs for all kinds of health problems . How do you know it’s the eggs ?.  The study talked about people who ate eggs had this % more of health problems , but what if, and I’ll bet ten million dollars , those same people were also consuming all kinds of pork products , lots of red meat , tap water , white bread , canola oil , deep-fried foods , watered down dairy products , foods with chemicals in them etc . They don’t know that , do you understand ?. Then they go and say it’s the eggs, ridiculous  !!!.Eggs have lecithin in the yolks which [ emulsify’s ]  cuts fat . Google it , if you don’t believe me . Google benefits of eggs . As a matter of fact they are the highest biological quality source of protein of “all” foods .

Another thought , during the work week how many people even get up early enough in this day and age to make themselves breakfast [ eggs] . Everyone in the blue-collar field  that I have been around for the last 30yrs  gets up right before they go out the door has only enough time to grab a cup of coffee and doughnut and make it to work on time  [ Lol] . I know that because I kid them at work how important breakfast is , and how Christ ate breakfast regularly.   So about 85% of working people could only eat eggs on like the weekends . Think about it . I’m laughing so hard just thinking about it .Yeah right, in today’s fast paced world , lots of people make themselves breakfast , during the work week , are you serious . As John McEnroe would say ” you cannot be serious “. [Lol]

A lot of the health talk show hosts advocate meal replacement [ tasteless white granules with a plastic spoon] instead of just eating right . One of life’s greatest pleasures is food  Ecc 9 : 7 [ Niv] bible . It makes no sense , meal replacement. Why not at like lunch , just eat a handful of nuts and an orange, a perfect combination very healthy , instead of not eating .  It’s nut’s not to eat meals and replace them with tasteless white granules and a plastic spoon  !!! .

I was just listening to a women calling in to a talk show relating how she had broken a rib , and it was healing very slowly or not at all . I think she was on some type of drug to build bone mass which is horrific . Anyway, she went to a chiropractor for an adjustment and apparently he broke a bone somewhere .

First of , the chiropractor , all of them , should ask or check to see if whoever they are adjusting is low in Vit D , common sense .Think about it , how dangerous to apply force to the skeletal system especially women’s [ their bone mass is thinner ] not knowing that their Vit D deficient ?. The 1st thing they need to find out is the condition of their patient’s skeletal system, how fragile or strong , and are they on medications that leech calcium from the bones before they do an adjustment .

Think about this,  it’s unbelievable . The “health” industry in the U. S.  is like a billion dollar industry [ Vits , supps, minerals etc ] yet as I’ve said before and is worth repeating . We are so unhealthy, heart attacks , cancer , diabetes , gout, kidney problems , arthritis , osteo , skeletal , and disk  problems , colitis , pancreatitis , fatty liver disease , prostate problems  all never more prevalent than at this time the year 2016 .

Do you understand , it’s about eating right , not pills , you have to know how to eat right . Anyone knows that there are Vitamins and how to take a pill , but they don’t know how to eat right .

You can take all the pills you want, it won’t do any good, when your consuming tap water , white breads with chemicals and dough conditioners in them , not eating fruit/ veg , “altered” dairy products , deep-fried foods , canola oil , lots of red meat , pork [ lunch meats] , candy bars  [ commercial] pastries and  cakes  , pop. Do you see what I’m saying ?. Unbelievable .

There’s different types of olive oil which is so important to consume regularly as the bible tells us . . The best is extra – virgin , 1st cold pressed , then cold pressed , then just extra – virgin , then just olive oil [ not extra virgin ] . Since it’s one of the healthiest substances you can put into your body any of them are good . Depends if you have the money which one you can buy . Better one’s are  more expensive .

A gift so to speak that I pray for and really enjoy,  is “observing” people , Mk 12 : 41 .  I love to watch what people do ,what they buy , what kind of car they drive , clothes they wear etc  , what they eat and how they look [ facial color]   .

I’ve noticed when I’m in a state or [ wine and spirits] store , a lot of women buy white wine instead of red wine, which is way better , it amazes me.   Kind of like most people even” world-wide” consume black tea which is no good,  instead of green, red, or white . How do you explain it . Unbelievable .

The health talk shows keep saying bad fats but never explain . There’s 3 types of fats as I think I’ve explained in the DYK section  1] Mono  2] Saturated  3]  Poly all are good . The bad is what’s done to them , which produces  1] Trans fat  2] Hydrogenated , they are what you want to avoid, if you see them in the ingredients of a food .

I want to mention , I previously talked about drinking fruit juices that are cold pressed not pasteurized  [ heat] so as not to destroy the Vit C . I advocated the company [ Evolution] which are in I think , Starbucks , inside Target stores . The problem is there in plastic containers with the number “1” which is no good . So understand that .

Think about this, a rummy like me , I have no credentials [ so to speak] in talking about nutrition . I’m kind of like self taught or shall I say or believe , as corny as it may sound  [God’s taught me ]. Dan 1 : 17 , Ex 31 : 3 [ Niv] bible . Then you have all the [ health talk show hosts]  and Dr.’s with initials  , credentials ,MD etc !, who see the light so to speak, get out of conventional medicine [ drugs ] and into alternative or the natural way [ eating], and  teach all kinds of untrue or wrong things .For example, that  carbs, whole dairy , eggs ,coffee , oils , alcohol  etc !.are bad ,which goes against the basics of nutritional science . Then study’s eventually keep coming out that I’m right and their wrong , like the new study about whole grains that there good for you  . Amazing, does this remind you of  Ac 4 : 13 .

Think about it .So just because someone has credentials or are the leaders or tops in a certain field’s [ Dr.’s , health talk show hosts] doesn’t mean they know what they speak of .

This also reminds me of the exchange between Christ and a guy named Nicodemus . Nicodemus was Israel’s teacher, teaching everyone else but he didn’t understand  simple things that Christ explained to him which should be understood even buy those who aren’t teachers .Jn 3 : 1- 10 [Niv] bible .

I stated in the DYK section that women should “stand” when giving birth.  Interestingly Job 3 : 12 backs this up .Women would sit between “2” large stones placed together as one bible commentary explained .

A new study just came pout about the benefits of a pint of beer a day . The bible advocates moderated drinking see Ecc book  . See DYK section point 67 . What did Benjamin Franklin say  ” beer is proof God wants us to be happy “. [ Lol] .

I was checking on olive oil “how to tell if olive oil is real” [ google]   or mixed with other vegetable oils . It’s so beneficial it’s been called gold . The benefits are tremendous, all the anti- oxidants etc  . Think about it , again, the bible always talks about how great it is , which science backs up . Study up to see which advertised olive oils are authentic . Most or like 75% are not . Here’s one [ California Olive Ranch] a light blue label is “real” extra virgin olive oil . You can find it now in super markets .

In casually talking to people who I come in contact with daily, who have health problems ,  most way overweight ,they actually don’t understand , realize  , it’s because their eating all wrong .They literally don’t see the correlation . There like oblivious at the cause of their health problems . I’m serious it’s mind – boggling .The best part  , most Dr.’s actually don’t either .I’m not being smart, I’m just amazed about it . Anyone that does understand should thank God, consider yourself blessed I guess . Reminds me of Isa 44 : 18 .

It’s unbelievable when someone calls into a health talk show country wide about a health problem . All they tell them is to take their line of pills” not one “of them say’s are you drinking tap water, eating white bread , deep fried foods ,pork,  lots of red meat, not consuming any or enough  fruits/ veg  , whole dairy products . As I’ve said before, the reason they have a health problem is because their eating all wrong ,  not because they need to take vitamins and supplements.  What good is it to take supplements or vitamins ?. Isn’t this apparent in the U. S. ?   The health industry is a “billion” dollar business everyone is taking vitamins , supplements , yet everyone is overweight and sick [ cancer , heart attacks , diabetes , arthritis , skeletal problems, gout , kidney problems] .Think about it .

.When you think about it it’s scary what you don’t know, because as your going along your ruining your health, little do you know . That’s why its way more important to get wisdom , knowledge, understanding , and especially insight than money . Pr 16 : 16 , Pr 4 : 6 , 7 [Niv] bible .

What good is it if you have a million dollars at say 60 but have cancer .Look at all the men who have millions but drop dead of a heart attack way before their time , because they didn’t know how to eat right or thought it wasn’t important . They actually didn’t understand or gave it a thought that if you don’t eat right, smoke and drink “too” much , you will cut your life way short and what good is your money then . Money can’t necessarily prolong your life-like , understanding , insight, wisdom can . Ecc 7 : 12 . It’s unbelievable .

A guy called into a health talk show about brain fog and the Dr. who is into alternative medicine told him to cut out carbs , unbelievable . The brain is fuled by complex carbs, a scientific fact , so how could he as a Dr. not know this simple basic point , and a dummy like me who received D’s in high school can . It’s unbelievable , I can’t take it anymore .

You know how I keep talking about their being no truth out there today concerning nutrition   , it’s the same in the exercise and religious fields .

Hopefully , in a short time from now,  Dec 2016  I will go to a Dr. just to have a simple blood sample and see if I’m deficient in any vitamin . This will be fascinating, being that I do not take or spend any money on Vit or supps . Will this not prove to the whole world that the soil is not severely depleted, that you do not need to take vitamins or supplements . Concentrate on how to eat right, not on what vitamins and supplements to take  . Think about it .

I was just online about a Vit D site, reading comments . One was about a women, a “strict” vegan ,who was severely  D deficient .  I’m now understanding , as I have just recently stated  somewhere in this site,  D3 is way more important than D2 , and you really have to consume or get it from animal products . Google” can you get D3 from plant sources. “The one’s or groups who say you can are of course strict vegan’s ,who are over the top when it comes to animal’s or abuse, which I truly have tremendous compassion for . They think everything is abuse, like milking a cow .

Again , strict veganism is not good, you greatly increase your chance of becoming D3 deficient, and not getting enough [saturated] fat which leads to [ osteo,  dry hair , skin problems ] as well as a host of other health problems .

As I have stated, I love to observe people , as Christ loved to do  Mk 12 : 41 [Niv] bible . I was sitting in a convenience store watching people come in before work around 7am . It’s amazing what people bought, pop [ pepsi, coke]   commercial doughnuts , egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches, on white buns full of chemicals . Almost all of them were overweight , limping , moving stiffly,  or real slow .

We are seeing more and more blood disorder’s like leukemia , because almost every drink people consume [ water, soft drinks, juices ]  is in a BPA plastic bottle with the number “1” . Nooooooooo  good , again it has to be “2” and only “2” .If you have been consuming drinks for a long time from plastic bottles with the number ” 1″ , eat more leafy greens , as well as grapes with seeds in them ,and take the herb [burdock root] to cleanse the blood of plastic.  Also keep drinking spring or well water of course from number” 2″ plastic , or of course , you can go to a spring with 5 gallon glass containers too.

I ‘ve noticed when watching people eat out, at like health food stores , chains that have hot bars , that hardly anyone uses olive oil on their salad ‘s but ranch type dressings . Also no one has a piece of bread in their hand , because  as I’ve said many times everyone believes erroniously carbs are bad for you . Unbelievable .

It’s unbelievable that almost all [ health food and drink Co.’s]  put out their products that are free from chemicals, artificial dyes, and colors  etc , everything is good .Then they go and dump like tons of table sugar into their drinks and food products .Like [Virgil’s] all natural root beer,, all the ingredients are acceptable.  Then they go and dump like 32gm of sugar into a bottle . Or [ Justin’s ] organic peanut butter cups . No chemicals or artificial ingredients , but they go and dump like 32 gm of sugar in each package of 2 peanut butter cups . Same with all the Co. that produce natural cola’s , pops etc .

You know I was thinking about the Doctrine of Signature , how citrus fruits like oranges ,grapefruit etc , look like boobs and the principle [ DOS] states how good they are for preventing breast cancer . Breast cancer as I have stated is caused by eating lots of animal meats [ red and pork ] and the country’s that consume the most have the greatest incidences of breast cancer , like the U. S , and how we don’t consume near enough whole grains, fruit/ veg .

I googled [ food combining charts] and all the charts by various Co. or people said it’s not good to combine protein [ fish]  with carbs  [ bread] , which is not true . Okay, so you can’t eat a sandwich anymore like turkey , fish ,chicken . Ridiculous .

Remember Christ made your body and as I have stated ,  and he made his disciples fish and bread for breakfast .I just googled” what causes Ketosis”, which is terrible , guess what it said ?. Ketosis is caused by low carb diets . You want to eat carbs with protein . There you go baby bears .

Here is “3” of the biggest causes of [ body odor] besides having a glandular problem             [ excessive sweating] .

1] Being overweight

2] Constipation – Common sense, not moving your bowels will lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body .

3] Sleeping too long –  This “slows down” the elimination process . From fasting and eating lots of leafy greens over the years, they clean out the body . Anything green has cleansing ability’s . I can go like 3 day’s without a shower working physically and my armpit’s have no smell , but check this out, after just like one day removed from showering if I sleep in [ considerable] and [ lay around all day] I noticed a slight smell to my armpit’s . Think about it .

You do “not” want to get a flu shot , it [ does not] prevent the flu , as many study’s have shown . It’s nothing but a money making scam . the vaccines contain all kinds of horrible ingredients.

Again, the best way to prevent the flu is to boost the immune system thru” whole” foods      1] Garlic  2] Onions  3]  Whole milk and yogurt [ grass fed] , but vaccine Co.’s won’t tell you that because there’s no money to be made if they don’t push vaccines.

Here are some  Dr.’s  and diet’s  as well as [ every single] other health talk show host ,  and those in the health field, who are teaching things that are wrong, which will ruin your health . Mercola, Berg , Perlmutter , Hyman , Bergman , Weil , Wellness Mama,  Furhman , Mc Dougall, Oz , Barnard, Sinatra, Chopra, Ornish , Pritkin ,  Davis, as well as the  Paleo, Ketosis , Atkins way of eating plans .They are teaching  one or more of these” wrong” things   1] whole dairy is unhealthy  2] whole grains [ carbs]  are unhealthy   3] oils are bad  4] soy is good   5] eggs are bad   6] coffee is bad  7] alcohol is bad   8] taking [ fat soluble]  vitamins [ A, D, E] and omega 3’s  is okay   9] whole dairy is only good, when it’s raw   10] distilled water is fine to drink  .  It’s unbelievable they all have degrees or are M.D.  and I have no credentials so to speak .

Reminds me of  Hos 9 : 7 [Niv] bible . Because you are a Dr. or highly intelligent, doesn’t mean you have the proper understanding .

Think about this , it’s the same with religion as nutrition . Christ’s disciples were a bunch of rummies like me, they were fishermen , but they were teaching things that even the Jewish ” religious experts” at that time didn’t know or understand .  The above point about Dr. and nutrition and  all their credentials reminds me of Ac 4 : 13 [Niv] bible .

As I said in one of the FFT about 10 or so above this one , all the fields like  [exercise and religion ] as well as nutrition , are teaching nonsense, overlooking [ simple] basic things .

This also reminds me of when Christ was talking to a man named Nicodemus, who was Israel’s teacher,  about religious or spiritual things . Christ was astonished that he was teaching everyone else, but didn’t understand simple things ,that he was relating to him  . Jn 3 : 10 [Niv] bible .

You are defeating the whole purpose when you exercise around pollution , jogging on streets with all the car pollution . You are taking in large volumes of air pollution when you are breathing heavily [ exercising] . You want to jog away from traffic or cars . Wisdom would be, if you can , get into your car or a bus,  and drive to area’s were there is no running cars when you exercise , or jog real early in the morning  . Yet I see people all the time jogging on the streets  at rush hour time , whether the morning or afternoon , it’s like smoking a pack of cigarettes at one time !!!  . People don’t give thought to what they are doing .  So the lesson to learn for all of us is to “give thought to what you are doing” which obviously these people are not.

I’m realizing if you do take vitamins, which if you have been reading this site is 97% of the time, a waste of money , and can be dangerous especially the fat soluble  A, D, E,  . Liquid are better than pills ,because they by- pass the digestive system , and are absorbed directly into the blood stream .

We were not meant to have health problems , or diseased organs . Our organs should just wear or give out from use, not disease .On average we should live at least to or in our seventies , Ps 90 : 10 [Niv] bible , and a lot of people live longer if they have the strength and follow the laws of health .

This is truly unbelievable . I was checking out cancer sites . Cancer has skyrocketed over the last say 100 yrs .  Most of the links didn’t say anything about chemicals in the food and water  . They were all saying it’s because we are living longer , which really has nothing to do with getting cancer .

Go back in biblical times, cancer was unheard of , because they didn’t have chemicals in the food , water , and artificial colors , dyes , etc .   They regularly lived into their 80’s , 90’s and even a century or more .   Jacob , Isaac, Joseph , Abraham all were like 100 + when they died and it was “not” from cancer . Their  organs just gave out .  As a matter of fact, cancer has greatly increased among the younger generations , so that actually proves living longer doesn’t mean or cause cancer .

While I’m at it, it’s the same with dogs , as I’ve stated, cancer is epidemic in pets because of all the [ chemicals] in the dog food . Cancer was unheard of before dog food .    Yet just about everyone in the veterinarian field actually doesn’t see the correlation .

Do you believe we are actually at a point were those in the health and nutrition fields,  as well as Dr.’s , have lost sight that cancer is caused by all the chemicals in the water and food ?

Another thought along these lines , sugar does not cause cancer which is now the prevailing belief in the medical as well as the health field . No , sugar causes sugar diabetes . Hello !!! . So everyone is stumped about the cause of sugar diabetes and cancer , unbelievable .

It’s all about accumulation when it comes to cancer . When chemicals build up in the body , they alter the way the cells function , and cause them to proliferate out of control .Let’s keep this simple  , I hate getting complicated , but normal cells divide then enter either a [ permanent state] of arrest , growth or death .  Cancer cells keep proliferating out of control and crowd out healthy normal cells  .

When it comes to diseased organs it’s about cause and effect . What is causing the organ to have problems . An example is the gall bladder . The reason it’s acting up or inflamed, so to speak , is because of pork consumption and deep fried foods . You don’t just go and cut it out , which is the standard protocol in the medical profession . Unbelieeeeeeeeevable .

Why would you buy butter which is great ,without salt , it makes no sense . Yet I see people at checkout lines with unsalted butter . Salt is what gives food taste . Lk 14 : 34 [Niv] bible .

Okay,  I’m not advocating smoking cigarettes , but if you are, it’s way better to smoke “Spirit” brand cigarettes . They have no cancer causing chemicals in them .  I was thinking, it’s not so much the smoke or nicotine that causes lung cancer, but the chemicals in the regular brands .

I was watching an info commercial about copper skillets and how great it is that they are non stick . I cook in an iron skillet and I never have a problem with food sticking , because I pre- heat the skillet at a low temp for like at least 10 min before I put food into it . I also [ do not] turn the flame up when I cook the food . There is no need to cook food at a [high] temp , period  , all that does is burn the [outside]  of whatever your cooking . The flame is like an eighth of an inch high the whole time I cook , and the food sizzles the whole time , if you pre- heat it  , as I said for at least 10 min .

If you eat right  [plant based] chemical free  whole grains, fruit/ veg, as well as  whole dairy , you will never have health problems , it’s that simple . You can develop health problems from stress [ emotions] guilt , fears , worry ,  as I have at times , which is a totally different story . Ps 38 : 7 , Ps 38 : 13 , Pr 14 : 30 .

Nail salons are terrible they use all kinds of cancer causing chemicals , the smell inside is very toxic , all they need to do is change to “natural” nail polish . The same with dry cleaning [ clothes] places .

You can’t use regular commercial deodorants . They have aluminum and other chemicals that for one thing actually clog the sweat pores which is bad . Buy natural deodorants at like health food stores .[ Toms]  is a natural brand that you can use .

There is no need to “ultra” pasteurize milk , the process destroys all the good bacteria in milk . Pasteurized is fine .  Since Vit D is “stable” in heat it doesn’t destroy the enzymes , nutrients etc  to any appreciable extent .

Pasteurizing fruit juices is another story  , because vitamin C is “unstable” in heat and like 80 % of the vitamin is destroyed .

A new study just came out about physician prescribed medications . 1 in 3 have severe side effects and can cause death , yet like 75% of Americans don’t care , don’t realize it, don’t understand it,  and just keep taking them for whatever health problem they have .

Here is how you can tell if your eating right or on the right path . Does your breath smell acidic ? which it will if you consume too much protein meats [ animal , seafood, fowl ]  without carbs [ whole grains] ie:  fish without the bun or bread which most people order when they eat out . This is what is called Ketosis low to no carb [ Atkins , Paleo ] it’s terrible .

I’ve cleaned out my body so much from fasting and eating huge leafy green salads like the whole head of lettuce at one sitting , and drinking spring water or good well water ,  that if I eat anything with a chemical or deep fried,  hydrogenated , dough conditioners etc as soon as it hits my stomach I throw it up .

I can’t even eat at someone’s house who invites me over because of the above reasons . How embarrassing would it be to sit down and start eating and have to throw up .

It’s like unthinkable to eat out at a restaraunt , even what they wash the dishes and glasses in will make me throw up . Same with drinking . I never order  a draft beer or wine in a glass because they wash them in that blue stuff which is like embalming fluid . Unbelievable .

Even when a” diesel” vehicle goes by me when I ride my bike I have thrown up from the exhaust fumes .

As I’ve said,  one thing so far up to this point in my life over the last like 15 yrs  that I feel good about is that I ‘m not a hypocrite when it comes to my eating , I don’t cheat , when it comes to anything with chemicals, deep fried foods,  dough conditioners,  bad oils [ canola] etc .

You would be surprised at how many health talk show hosts Dr.’s of natural health cheat and eat out at like McDonalds or Indian oriental places which use [canola] oil , deep fried foods,  hydrogenated oils etc . Many of them around the country are phonies so to speak just trying to sell their pills to get rich but in private they eat unhealthy . Amazing !!!.

A new study just came out this year of 2017 ,  saying even a little alcohol is unhealthy for women, which is pure nonsense . How many studies have been put out over the last many decades showing alcohol in moderation is excellent , especially red wine , which the bible most definitely backs up Zech 9 : 17 Niv bible . Google is ALCOHOL BENEFICIAL IN MODERATION !!!

The study links or attributes it to increasing the risk of breast cancer . Are theses women eating a high fat [ saturated]  diet animal meats [ red and pork] deep fried foods, bad oils, like canola, eating foods with all kinds of chemicals in the ingredients, do they know this ?  they say nothing about that ,yet they somehow say it’s moderate consumption of alcohol that is the cause , unbelievable .

Again , as I have tried to convey to everybody,  just about nothing you read or hear, especially in the nutrition field that comes out,  is true . The same with the internet . Again , you have to love the prophet Isaiah  Isa 59 : 15 Niv bible ,  a prediction for our “modern” times .

If you buy your spring water at stores of course you want it to be in a plastic container with the number 2 at the bottom which I have stated on this site before , but it’s also a good idea to switch up spring waters, don’t keep buying the same spring water . It’s kind of like Herbs your body opens up better to some than others .

It’s unbelievable that Dr.’s are still prescribing or re- prescribing the drug Thalidomide to pregnant women . The drug caused horrific birth defects back in the 60’s . Infants were born with arms like flippers or without arms .

We were not meant to have all kinds of diseases like heart , kidney, cancer , diabetes and die from them . We were meant to just die from organ failure so to speak. Your organs just give out get weak and cease to function after roughly 70 to 80 some years .

If you eat right , whole grains,  fruit/ veg,  whole dairy, chemical free foods from all 4 original food groups see post [ 4 original food groups]  you will never have a serious health problem , impossible .

Look at the great men of God back in the beginning Abraham , Joseph , Isaac etc they all just breathed their last and died their organs wore out , no diseases. Gen 25 :8, Gen 35 :29

It’s incredible how powerful sleep is . Even like 3 to 5 min naps can disrupt the body’s cycle, rhythm and make you feel lousy . There are times when I’m at work and feeling  good energy level wise , then I take a 5min nap at lunch and wake up feeling lousy , unbelievable . Think about it .

You want to leave butter out at room temp not refrigerate it .  Again,  go back in time , there was no refrigeration and they had butter .

Think about it , how are you going to spread the butter when it’s hard ?

I have been leaving my butter out for like the last 30 yrs and have had no problems .

 You can take something good , healthy  or constructive and make it “unbeneficial”.  eg :  A lot of times I am in the city at jobs , working out at a gym , going through on buses and I see people jogging the streets at rush hour . It has to be one of the unhealthiest practices one can engage in

Jogging around cars [ pollution] when exercising or breathing heavily is like smoking a pack of cigarettes at one time . You should jog either very early in the morning when no cars are around or go out to the suburbs at a track of the main roads . Think about it .

Anti – biotics do work to rid the body of infections , but the problem is they destroy the good bacteria your body has as well as the bad , so it’s very important to replenish the intestinal tract with the good bacteria buy eating yogurt from whole milk .

Meal replacements like granules or drinks , powders make no sense . Eating as the bible says is one of the greatest , if not the greatest joy of life Ecc 8 : 15 . Why not just eat right or healthy ? Like for breakfast an egg and whole grain toast , an orange and nuts for lunch , instead of a tablespoon of  tasteless crystals or granules in efforts to lose weight .

I have said not everyone needs whole dairy products as important to most people as they are . People with smaller frames don’t require much if any vitamin D . Maybe this explains why Orientals consume like the least whole dairy products .

Think about this , It’s all about eating right , which unfortunately , isn’t being understood by many people . People erroneously put the “emphasis” on what pills , supplements to take , instead of continually tweaking their diet . 

One of the simplest and best indicators among others of your overall  health is ” do you have a good appetite ” . To really know , do not eat “between” breakfast , lunch , and dinner , by the time each meal comes around , you should be hungry , period  .!!!

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