As the bible predicted Isa 5 : 20 , 21 [ Niv] bible .

How do you explain people believing what has “scientifically” known to be wrong
for roughly the last 150 yrs that being  [ Ketosis]  , people now believing it’s a good or healthy way, state to be in , unbelievable .  The best part , Dr.’s M. D. ‘s  who come out of conventional medicine to alternative homeopathic advocate the diet .

Keto diet is  [low to no ] carbs when you eat meals . An example is people ordering at a restaurant a fish sandwich and telling the waiter to hold the bun .

                                              Reasons why a Keto diet is unhealthy :   

  1. The body’s main source of fuel is complex carbs not protein or fat . A scientific fact . All you have to do is google body’s main source of fuel . There are exceptions to the rule .
  2. You must eat carbs [ bread] with protein [ meats] to keep from going into Ketosis .
  3. Glucose is needed by every cell of the body , which is derived from the breakdown of “carbs” not protein or fat .
  4. Carbs are one of the 6 essential nutrients . As well as one of the “3” macronutrients .
  5.  Keto followers say you can rely on your organs which store small amounts of glucose.  You can’t rely for long periods on a compensatory system [ organs]  for energy glucose  .


    The presence of abnormally high levels of KETONES in the blood. These are produced when fats are used as fuel in the absence of carbohydrate or available protein as in DIABETES or starvation. Ketosis is dangerous because high levels make the blood abnormally acid and there is loss of water, sodium and potassium and a major biochemical upset with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, confusion, and, if the condition is not rapidly treated, coma and death. Mild ketosis also occurs in cases of excessive morning sickness in pregnancy.


    Grains [ carbs bread] are so important when eating a meal . Like my brother said it’s the only food you eat at most meals . Think about it !!!

    The two main practical sources of complex carbs are 1] grains [bread] and  2] beans .

    The Keto people say what you eat can’t or doesn’t alter the blood ph from alkaline to acidic ,but it most certainly does . When you go into Keto from eating protein [meats] without complex carbs[ bread ] your breath will become acidic it will smell terrible , that alone should tell you that type diet is bad as well as your urine will become very concentrated or yellow , when it should be more on the clear side if your eating right .That proves what you eat effects or changes your blood Ph . Also , when you severely restrict or eliminate carbs you will experience brain fog because the brain although made up predominetly of fat is fueled 100% by complex carbs .

    You would think in this age of info at your finger tips you would look up these above thoughts or points like  brains source of fuel , body’s main source of fuel and carbs being one of the 6 essential nutrients, but seems like no one does . Unbelievable

    Best part is M. D. ‘s teaching Keto is a healthy way to eat , overlooking , blowing of “basic” nutritional science , hard to understand .

     Think about this , in the religious world so to speak , it’s understood  all things were created through Christ , so that means Christ made your body so wouldn’t he be your example ? he most certainly combined bread [ carbs] with meat [ protein] as these verses show . He never fed the people just the meat without the bread . See  Matt 14 : 16 – 19 ,  Lk 9 : 16 ,  Mk 6 : 38 – 41 ,  Jn 6 : 8 – 10  [Niv] bible .

    Grains are so important , even if they were all hybrid which they are not , you have to include them as the main part of a diet . There are all kinds of grains like rye,  barley , millet , spelt , einkorn etc that are organic , not hybrids  that are from “heirloom” seeds that are just as good as in biblical times , so that argument holds no water .

    What food is known as the staff of life . Look it up !!!

    I’m warning all of you , do “not”  follow a Keto type diet , no bread or beans with meats  , it totally goes against science . Remember Matt 7 : 13 , 14  about following along what’s popular or what everyone’s doing .