Greetings, as Christ would say to the” Foundation of Nutrition” The Bible,  a health site by []

I am at the time of this update about close to 62 yrs of age a natural bodybuilder, part time personal trainer , construction worker . I can work physical for like 8 hrs , lift weights afterward, wash my car all in the same day without taking any vitamins , supplements etc .  I convey this not from arrogance ,  but in the hopes to convince you that you also can acquire great health as I enjoy without pills , supplements , vitamins , fad diets [ eliminating one of the 3 macro nutrients  1] carbs , 2]  protein ,  3] fat ]  by eating and drinking as I espouse on this site .

This site is about using the bible as the anchor to eating” right”, which as the Bible tells us , is one of the biggest parts of life as well as working  Ecc 2  24 .   Incidentally science backs up the bible  . For example, complex carbs [ grains / bread  beans]  are the body’s main source of fuel a “scientific” fact , not protein or fat , which the bible backs up Zech 9 : 17 [ Niv] bible .  It’s about getting your nutrients , vitamins , minerals from “food” not pills [ supplements]  which are essentially “unnecessary”  as science tells us , as well as dangerous  .

I checked on the prevailing belief our soil is depleted and I found we still have some of the [ richest” class 1″ soil ] in the  “whole” world in the Ca . valleys  were we get most of our produce etc! . Besides  ,the body absorbs nutrients from pills poorly .  So much for the belief  food is deleted of nutrients .

This site is simple, as Einstein said or alluded to ” Keep it simple ” nothing fancy .  Unlike all the health talk shows across the” whole country” who try to impress you with all kinds of complicated terminology like   C- reactor proteins , methylation etc !, but dismiss , forget, or blow of ” basic simple nutritional principles” like the above point about carbs being the body’s main source of fuel.  And every one of them advocating misinformation like low to no carbs [ Paleo , Atkins , Ketosis] , to people’s detriment,  Hos 4 : 6 [Niv] bible . unbelievable .

As a matter of fact this site is” so” simple even a 4th grader can understand it ,  see “the Doctrine of Signature” [ LOL] .

Think about this, we the [ U. S . ] consume more Vitamins and supplements and health related pills than almost any country, yet we are one of the most” if not the most unhealthy” people in the world , hello !!! .  So it’s about eating right, and if you do, you do “not” need pills , [ Vit, supps] and if you don’t eat right , [following this site]  it doesn’t matter that you take Vit and Supp, because, as I just stated , the body absorbs nutrients from pills  [ I don’t care whose line of pills it is ]  very poorly . The only natural Vitamins are found in “food” not pills .  In other words “Get your nutrients from a Knife and fork , not pills ” !!!


I try to get everyone to understand there are no bad foods except certain meats , unless you prepare them wrong like potatoes [ deep fried]    . There are no bad [  fruits/ Veg , grains , whole dairy products ,]  but a variety.   Again , the only foods  you”can’t” eat any you wish are ,  [ meats]  1] Animal , 2] Seafood  , 3] Fowl  See Lev  11 : all [ Niv] bible.

For example, there are 4″ original” food groups  1] Grains  2] Fruit/ Veg  3 ] Whole dairy  4]  Meats , nuts , poultry , and to get all” 6″ essential nutrients common sense tells you to eat from all “4” to get all 6 nutrients . This is contrary to all the” nonsense” you hear today that food groups are bad for you , like [whole grains or whole dairy] . How could a food group be bad,? how could something ” whole” [ grains, dairy] be bad , it’s whoooooooooooooole , hello  !!!.  


This site is about helping people who are desperate, looking for answers to their failing health , who have tried all the latest diets [ Paleo , Atkins , Keto ]  etc!, but are still in bad health from listening to all the lies and misinformation which think about this , will destroy you Hos 4 : 6 [ Niv] bible .

I have no” agenda” , no line of  “my” pills to sell , [vitamins, supplements , minerals,] no office to visit, as is the situation with the  overwhelming majority in the health and nutrition field , who are  just trying to get your money 1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible . Kind of like the old west , when they would come around to your town set up a card table trying to sell their bottle of  snake oil  to convince you it is the cure-all to any ailment you may have . Again , as I stated at the top of this” about” section  , we consume more Vit / supps than most nations , yet we are one of the most unhealthy people in the world !!!. Hello !!!.

Finally , it’s all about eating the way I’m espousing from all” 4″ food groups [organic] if you can .  Lots of [ whole grains , fruit / veg ] ” whole” dairy ,” cutting out” the pig [ pork]  and eating” way less” red meat , drinking spring or well water [ so important ] and if you’re having a health problem [ an organ not functioning to 100%] find ” HERBS” for that organ , plain and simple .  Again ,  At almost 62  I have no health problems.  I’m a laborer in construction and reguarly”out work” men half my age .  I take no supplements , or drugs

I also have a sections or posts other subjects than just nutrition about dogs which I feel really bad for , [ because they can’t help themselves],  and anything related to health, [  humans or animals ] .

As for my credentials , education ,  qualifications see Dan 1 : 17 [Niv] bible  . Since God is no respecter of persons Ac 10 : 34 , as corny as it may sound to you , if you spend time sincerely praying and ask for understanding , Pr 2 : 3 [Niv]  bible he will do the same for you as those “four” men .

Well I’m at it , just because your a Dr. or have degrees doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about . [ Mk 5 : 26 ] Conversely,  because you don’t ,  doesn’t mean you can’t have the proper knowledge or understanding .  See  Ac 4 : 13 ,   Jn 7 : 15  [Niv] bible . Think about it  !!! .

Well I’m at it , and as for my sentence structure , grammar correctness etc! so what , I ‘ll get better , what’s important is the content or understanding , that’s self-evident . Look at all the professional sites, their grammatically perfect etc ! but they don’t have the proper understanding , truth , nor “reasoning” ability’s concerning “basic” nutrition see Isa 44 : 17-19 .  Making a big deal out of how this site looks how professional it is reminds me of the saying ” don’t major on the minor and minor on the major . “Your a fool to think or believe because my  [grammar , punctuation , word phrases , aren’t of a high quality that it means I don’t have understanding concerning the subject of nutrition . People who do are full of pride falsley thinking their more intelligent than they are . Reminds me of Ga 6 : 3 [ Niv] bible .

This site is kind of like a car that doesn’t look real good but runs great , as opposed to a “nice looking” car that doesn’t run great , always breaking down . Reminds me of a car [ Riviera ] I had way back in the 70’s , lime green , beautiful looking , but it was a lemon . [lol]

We are meant for the most part to live of the “land” [ plant based ] not animal meats because we are made from the elements of the ground , a scientific fact , which the bible interestingly backs up  Gen 3 : 19  .   There are exceptions to the rule as in everything in the universe [ Eskimos ], who need a high saturated fat diet because they live in sub zero temps year around , that’s not you or me . To sum it all up it’s whole grains , fruit/veg as the mainstay of the “healthiest” type diet , it’s never going to change . Do not let anyone tell you it’s not , like the [ Paleo  , Atkins , Keto ] people .  Think about it  !!!.

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