This is truly truly fascinating , at least to me , and I believe a massive revelation to all who read this post .  Why just about everyone especially those in the Unites States are vitamin D deficient !!!

Honestly , not to toot my own horn but I don’t hear, read or know of anything or anyone out there for that matter bringing out [ this understanding ] , that the reason for the pandemic of vitamin D deficient people , is everyone believing the “Big lie” that originated roughly 40 yrs ago or more , that whole and I emphasize “whole” dairy products are bad or unhealthy .

No one it seems has or is stopping to reason that there is a correlation between this pandemic condition of vitamin D deficiency and the abstinence of “whole” dairy products being consumed  .

How about this reasoning ,  all the substitutes and alternatives are not working , how do I know this ? because everyone’s D levels are still abnormally low , that’s how I know and hardly anyone in the U. S . is consuming “whole” dairy but “fat” reduced dairy or alternatives [ soy , flax, silk, almond ]  Think about it !!

Think about these points .

How could something whole be unhealthy ? whole grains are good contrary to the nonsense you hear today , why then wouldn’t whole dairy also be healthy ? .

You have to have the fat in the food to properly absorb vitamin D , because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin as is A , and E   .


Check this statement out from Dr Lipton :

Fat soluble. Vit D is absorbed better with fat as it is fat soluble. Calcium does not need fat for absorption.

Think about this ;   The reason it’s called “milk” is because female animals ie : [ cow , goat , sheep ]  have teats that you milk  . HeeeeeeeLLOooooooooooo !!!


(tit, tɪt)


1. the protuberance on the breast or udder in female mammals, through which the milk ducts discharge; nipple.


2. something resembling a teat.


Can you milk an almond ? , how about a soy bean or flax seed ?  It’s absolutely ridiculous to even think those plant based substitutes can replace dairy based products .

Also , whole dairy has taurine , omega’s , iodine, and saturated fat that the plant based substitutes have very little or none of  .  Google “do plant based milks have iodine , taurine ” etc

The D deficiency was unheard of when everyone drank “whole” milk from like the 80’s and before .  Think about it .

This is so easy to see and understand and so exciting , yet no one is giving it any thought . Hopefully you will .

I tell you the truth , as Christ would say , the above is the whole reason everyone is “D” deficient flat out , hands down . I would actually bet my life on it .

Ok , Ok , I just thought of this .  I will acknowledge other factors that can or flat out do contribute to a D deficiency 1]  Dr. prescribed medications which leech calcium from the bones as well as  2] soft drinks , both which are probably way more consumed now than 40 some years ago . But there are almost say millions in the U. S. that are D deficient that don’t take meds or drink pop  ? .

Remember this , being “D” deficient is or can be serious , many health conditions are related to this problem . Just google “vitamin D deficiency’s”.