We are not meant to die from disease’s , period . Go back in time to the bible in Genesis . Notice all the great men of God like Adam , Eve , Abraham, Joseph , Noah , Jacob , Isaac,  Moses etc ! all died from organ expiration not disease . In other words their organs got weak or gave out .  This type of death is peaceable none of them “suffered” like we do today , dying from heart attacks cancer , diabetes .

We are designed to die from organ exhaustion , organs wear out , stop working as happened to the great men of the bible in Genesis . Back in the beginning there was no cancer, diabetes , heart problems . They didn’t have chemicals in the food and water to cause cancer , pop, candy, refined pastries to give you diabetes and they hardly ever ate animal meats [red and pork]  nor were they sedentary which means they burned up the calories they consumed so they didn’t become obese all leading to heart attacks .

Now I will say when you become well advanced in years you are more susceptible to [communicable] disease like the flu which can cause death and does .

In other words God genetically designed our organs to last only so long roughly 80 yrs provided no accidents , plagues , murder etc . There are exceptions to the rule which is why some people live to 100 etc , but in general we are designed to have our organs give out around 80 yrs of age .

 Again , We shouldn’t or won’t  die from heart attacks , cancer , diabetes or any other disease  if you eat right [ whole foods , chemical free ] it’s that simple . As one of my posts  ” the big three ” states heart attacks are caused by plaque which derives from taking in more calories than you burn up which causes a[ fat gain] which leads to clogged arteries then heart attacks , plain and simple .  Heart attacks are not caused by inflammation which is ridiculous .. Diabetes and all it’s negative ramifications is caused by excessive sugar [ refined]  intake that’s why it’s called “sugar” diabetes .

Cancer is caused by cancer causing chemicals in the water and food not sugar or inflammation as is believed nowadays . Now some cancer are caused by the environment , pollution , workplace , living near power plants  etc I understand that wholly . It’s a fact like 97% of cancer are diet related [ what you ingest into your body ] .

So again , hard to believe , but you will not have the big three health problems which are largely what the majority of people die from if you eat whole foods from all “4” food groups “chemical” free . People actually don’t understand just about “all” health problems are caused by eating and drinking polluted foods and water . Wrong eating [ preparation] like deep fried foods which end up clogging the arteries .

As for the genetics factor , just because you have a family history of one of the “Big Three” does not mean you have to develop or die as those in your family tree did . They ate wrong , if you eat right , it will never happen . Take breast cancer , women develop breast cancer because they eat lots of animal meats especially pork , foods with cancer causing chemicals as well as water . That does not mean you have to contract so to speak breast cancer if you don’t eat as they ate before you . Do you understand ?

Do we have to die ? most definitely , what I’m talking about is how we should die provided no freak accidents , mishaps, plagues , murder  etc .