It is literally unbelievable to me at least that modern science or the medical profession has lost the understanding of the cause of these three diseases or conditions that have killed and are presently killing most people world wide , especially in developed country’s like the good old U.S. of A .

Heart attacks  –  It is pretty much now erroneously believed that heart attacks are caused by inflammation and /or sugar , which is ridiculous . I ask you , when they do open heart surgery what do they find ?  arteries clogged with a substance called plaque . I ask you how or why did the understanding come out that inflammation is the cause ?  Saying inflammation is the cause makes no sense what so ever.

When you take more calories in than you burn up like refined carbs [ junk food] white bread , pastries , candy , snacks  lots of animal meats [ red and pork]  , it causes you to become fat , which clogs every artery of the body including those in the brain .

Cancer  –   Cancer is caused by cancer causing chemicals in the food and water plain and simple . Cancer is “not” caused by sugar , or inflammation .

What happens is when you take in too many chemicals over time in the food and water these chemicals cause the uncontrollable division of cells in the body . It’s all about accumulation of chemicals that turn or make these cells abnormal then they reproduce uncontrollable .

Sugar may feed cancer cells that developed from cancer causing chemicals in the food and water to reproduce faster , but sugar does “not” cause cancer .

Sugar diabetes  –  Talk about unbelievable , we are now to the point that we have almost totally lost sight that sugar causes diabetes , it’s like a mystery now . Why do you think it is or was called  ” Sugar ” diabetes ? Hello !!!

What happens is when you take in too much refined table sugar like in white bread , pop , candy bars , pastries , like doughnuts etc  the American diet , the pancreas burns out trying to produce insulin to cut or lower the sugar in the blood stream . When the pancreas burns out you then need insulin shots . How simple is that . Yet this is or has become in recent times a mystery as to what causes sugar diabetes .

Everything of truth has become lost , nobody can reason anymore . Reminds me of  Isa 44 : 15 – 20 .

This all leads me to family history and heart attacks , cancer , diabetes . Just because someone in your family or history [ tree]  has or had one of these health conditions does not mean you will or have to end up the same . They ate all  wrong , if you eat right like I espouse in this site “chemical free” whole grains , fruit/ vegetables , whole dairy , clean meats ,  olive oil , red wine , no deep fried foods and cut out most sugar from candy , pop , pastries  you will not get any of these three diseases .

Also , taking supplements , vitamins  isn’t going to cure or help any of the Big “3” because of the causes I laid out above .  Think about it .

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