It’s unbelievable when I think about the radio health talk shows . Someone calls in with a given health problem and all the host does is tell them to take this or that [their line of  pills , supplements] etc ! . They hardly ever say or ask them how their eating , are they drinking tap water , eating white bread , pork [ lunch meats]  , deep fried foods , canola oil . They don’t say  “when was the last time you had a piece of fruit or a leafy green salad ” ? No , they just tell them to start taking their line of supplements but nothing about how they eat , which is the whole reason they have health problems . Unbelievable .

One of the classic examples is Dr. Bob Marshall he’s on am radio . There all just tying to make as much money as possible period , selling their products that have nothing to do with the persons acquisition of a health problem . Again , it all comes down to 1 Tim 6:10 . 

What’s fascinating is , it’s all about cause and effect again , [ people have health problems because they eat wrong ] , that’s why , and they[ health talk show hosts] don’t realize or give it any thought , they just keep telling people to take pills .