Ps 116 : 11  In this case , concerning what plastics are [BPA]  free .

 I think every Co. that makes and sells plastic containers for liquids and foods advertises that their containers are BPA free , whether they are  1, 2, 3 , 5, 7 , which is not true at all . Again , the only BPA free plastic container is the number “2”.  Either they know and don’t care to lie to you , or they really don’t know or understand 2 is BPA free , which is incredible to comprehend .

My brother taught or brought it to my attention about 10 yrs ago .

Below is a statement from an article by [Balance Everyday]  ” how to tell if your plastic is BPA free” 

Know Your Plastics

You can pretty much assume that any opaque plastics are BPA-free.  So, if you can’t see through it, that’s the first step in identifying BPA-free plastics in your home.

For any plastics that fit the description of being hard, clear (or clear-tinted) and unbreakable, flip them over and look for a recycling number. Polycarbonate plastics will have a number 7 on them, but they’re not the only plastic that gets labeled with a 7, so you’ll need to do a bit more investigating.

Look to see if the container is labeled as unbreakable or microwave-safe. If it is, that’s a good indicator that it contains BPA.

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  • It’s the soft dull looking plastic that is BPA free or safe , not the hard,  shiny, clear  plastic .
  • If you can see through the plastic it’s “nooooooo” good .

It’s hard to believe that there are plastic containers numbered anywhere from 1 to 7 and hardly anyone I talk to at health food stores,  supermarkets etc understands or knows that “2” is the only number plastic that you want to drink liquids from . As a matter of fact,  not one person who has spring water in hard , shiny containers that I  have confronted , had any realization that they are drinking from the wrong plastic  . Truly unbelievable .

Here think about this point or thought . Forget everything that is in this post . Just do this experiment .  Drink  spring spring water in the hard , shiny, clear plastic which is usually 90% of the time the number 1 , and drink spring water with a number “2” at the bottom of the container the dull , soft plastic ,  and let your tongue tell you which is better tasting .

Remember, both types should be chilled or cold , not ice cold .

Consuming liquids in plastic other than the number “2” can lead to all kinds of health problems like cancer , heart problems , blood disorders etc .

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