Maybe the biggest disgrace of any field is the pediatric field . It’s unbelievable what they advocate or teach [ guidelines]  to what is true or proper based on science .

Infant feeding 

1]  Formula –  I would say like 75% of pediatricians recommend formula to women who don’t breast feed which is like roughly 65% of women in the U. S.  Formula is terrible ,many types don’t even have [saturated] fat which helps an infant ‘s brain to develop . This is simple,  if a women does not breast feed she must give the infant “whole” milk from a goat , cow,  or sheep [ room temp] ,  because it has “saturated” fat and omega’s , as well as “iodine” which all the substitutes for whole dairy don’t have , like  soy , flax , silk, almond  as well as  2% ,1% and skim  .

How can an M.D. who goes to medical  school for like 8yrs not know the above simple fact, observation, or  point, unbelievable .

Think about it , there was no formula or similac at a certain point in time,  a women either breast-fed or gave the infant “whole” milk period .  Also , many pediatricians will recommend whole dairy but they advice to wait x amount of time before doing so like 3mo etc which , makes no sense .  The reason they give is it’s too rich or too high of a fat content to give to a newborn ,  although as I earlier related is precisely what an infant needs for optimal brain development  .

Think about this,  breast milk has a higher fat content than whole milk so their reasoning or lack of it makes zero sense . You would think an M.D. would know such a simple point , they don’t !!!.  Talk about gross negligence .

 It’s nut’s when you go to [ infant care sites] and they bad mouth giving whole cows milk to infant’s from day one . Again,  there was no formula or similac before the 60’s what did a women do who didn’t or  couldn’t breast feed in times past  ?, I’ll tell you , they gave the infant “whole”  milk from a cow , goat or sheep . There was nothing else !!!

A very very important point of understanding about giving an infant bottle milk from a cow, goat or sheep is ” The milk has to be[ room] temperature not cold ” .

Solid Food

Guess what the AAP ”s  guideline is when to give an infant solid food or wean them , 4 to 6mo can you believe this . What total nonsense,  gross negligence .

An infant has what is called a tongue thrust reflex [ TTR] the purpose of this response or reflex condition is to push food back out of their mouths when they are not ready physiologically to absorb solid food .  “There is no greater sign”  when an infant is ready for solid food than the TTR , period . Let the baby tell you when it’s ready for solid food , which are you ready ? is at 12mo or longer . No infant should be given solid food before the 1st year . You feed [ solid food]  to a child , not an infant . Infants are not considered a child till 1yr of age . I checked on this simple point or understanding.  The definition of an infant in age terms is 1mo to 1yr and even up to 2yrs . So why then,  does the AAP have the guideline when to start feeding solid food as 4 to 6mo . Unbelievable !!!  

 I found this fascinating to help prove illustrate or illuminate the above thought . When I went on a you tube [TTR] site many women were posting comments about how their infant was still pushing food back out of their mouths at 11 and 12mo , unbelievable .

Another point of understanding , an infant hasn’t yet developed the proper gut bacteria or the  intestinal tract isn’t ready or mature enough till at least 6 mo of age for solid food and even longer . So why does the AAP say 4mo is okay to start feeding an infant ?

Here is an article from Word of Mom concerning when to feed babies solid food

Reasons for Delaying Feeding Babies Solid Foods – The Open Gut

Updated on January 29, 2015

About the Blog supports Word of Mom as a place to share stories and highlight the many perspectives and experiences of pregnancy and parenting. However, the opinions expressed in this section are those of individual writers and do not reflect the views of Heidi Murkoff of the What to Expect brand.

My daughter is only five weeks old. However, I have already begun thinking about feeding babies solid foods. Currently I am exclusively breastfeeding. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their lives and should be continued to be breastfed for an up to one year of age and beyond. Parents should only begin to think about solid food for babies starting at six months of age. Feeding babies solid foods absolutely should not begin until the baby is at a minimum six months old. I belong to a number of Facebook groups for parents. Many are related to natural childbirth, attachment parenting, and breastfeeding. Recently I have noticed quite a lot of questions posted about feeding babies solid foods. Because I am very informed about the WHO recommendations, I am absolutely appalled and worried that so many mothers think that solid food for babies is okay before the first six months of life. So, why should parents wait until their children are at least six months old before feeding babies solid foods. Although I do not agree with all of his recommendations, Dr. Sears lists and discusses the six most important reasons for delaying the introduction of solid food for babies. The six reasons are:

  1. Immature intestines
  2. Tongue-thrust reflex
  3. Immature swallowing mechanism
  4. Inability to sit up
  5. Inability to chew
  6. Lack of imitation

Of these six reasons, I find the first the most compelling. KellyMom agrees. Basically, the intestines of a baby younger than six months of age are not yet mature enough to digest food other than breast milk. The intestinal lining of a young baby is basically open. (Google “open gut.”) An open gut is great for breast milk. An open gut allows the good antibodies from breast milk into the body, thus building up the immune system. At the same time, however, an open gut also lets other and sometimes harmful substances into the body. In fact, feeding babies solid foods has been linked to food allergies for this very reason. Based on my research on feeding babies solid foods, I will not be giving my daughter anything other than breast milk until she is at least six months old. Because I suffer from food allergies, I even hope to delay solid foods until much later. And, unless she stops thriving, there is absolutely no reason for solid food for babies. The reasons for delaying feeding babies solid foods are just too compelling.

[ Article taken from first year what to expect ]


Another excellent guideline is the old [double the body weight] as a sign when an infant should be fed solid food .

I forgot all about when a baby or infant develops teeth . What could be a greater sign than this . How do you chew food without teeth ?  which do not even start till like 6mo on average , and that’s just like one tooth . Lots of the other type teeth like molars don’t start till like at least 1yr .

Most children don’t have “all” their teeth till at least like close to two years , which would substantiate the bible commentary below about weening . Doesn’t waiting till an infant has “all” their teeth to feed them solid food make sense ?.

It’s ridiculous that the AAP gives the okay to start feeding infants solid food at 4 mo.  Totally unbelievable , based on science and common sense .

There is a saying   “food before one , just for fun”.

It was unheard of in times past to feed an infant” solid” food [ before] one yr of age, which the bible backs up Gen 21 : 8 . See Commentary below.


(8) The child grew, and was weaned.—According to tradition, Isaac was two years old when weaned. Three years is the age mentioned in 2Chronicles 31:16, 2 Maccabees 7:27; and Samuel was old enough at his weaning to be left at the tabernacle with Eli (1Samuel 1:24). In Persia and India it is still the custom to celebrate the weaning of a child by an entertainment.

 Seriously,  as bad as men screw things up , teaching things not true,  women are even worse , which I would say comprises about 75% of those in the pediatric field . Reminds me of 11 Tim 3 : 7 which in [ context] is about women .  See also verse 6 .

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