Blood pressure :

[ The pressure the blood exerts against the inner walls of the blood vessels,    varying in different parts of the body , during different phases of contraction of the heart ,and under different conditions of health, exertion],  etc


  •  Systolic – the pressure the blood exerts against the inner sides of the  walls of the arteries when the heart beats [ contracts] .
  • Diastolicthe pressure the blood exerts against the inner sides of the walls  of the arteries when the heart is at rest .

    Points [ Top] number

  • The top number can be anywhere from 120 to 160 , that is “not “high, as long as the [more important number] the bottom is 85 or lower.
  • The top number should be higher because that is when the heart contracts which forces a high volume of blood thru the arteries which would naturally create more pressure on the arterial walls  .
  • The stronger your heart beat is the more blood will be pushed thru the arteries which will make the pressure greater and the top number higher , than a person with a weak heart beat .
  • The top number will fluctuate a lot if you exert yourself ,  or are under stress ,etc .
  • Top number should go higher when you exercise than when sedentary.

    Points [ bottom number]

  • The bottom number is the pressure when the heart is relaxed [ between ] beats .
  • The bottom number is definitely more important than the top number , because blood isn’t being forced thru the arteries at that moment when the heart is at rest .
  • You do “not” want the bottom number to be higher than 85.
  • When” exercising” the bottom number should actually stay the same, or even drop , as opposed to the top number which should go higher .
  • Headaches
  • dizziness
  • pounding sound in the head, chest, neck

    The normal range use to be 140 /80 but they lowered it to 120/80  so they can make more money,  by telling you your blood pressure is high,  so they can sell more medications .


  • Blood pressure medications have all kinds of documented horrific side effects .
  • Dark chocolate is tremendous for lowering blood pressure . It relaxes [ dilates] the arteries by roughly 40%  ,which lets the blood flow more freely with less pressure against the arterial walls . As well as garlic , cinnamon, figs , olive oil , bananas , oatmeal , pistachios , seeds .
  • There are numerous [ Herbs] that will help lower blood pressure without side effects .
  • How pliable , flexible your arteries are will greatly affect blood pressure , for the good or bad . 

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