Blood pressure :

[ The pressure the blood exerts against the inner walls of the blood vessels,    varying in different parts of the body , during different phases of contraction of the heart ,and under different conditions of health, exertion],  etc

  •  Systolic – the pressure the blood exerts against the inner sides of the  walls of the arteries when the heart beats [ contracts] .
  • Diastolicthe pressure the blood exerts against the inner sides of the walls  of the arteries when the heart is at rest .

                                                      Points [ Top] number

  • The top number can be anywhere from 120 to 160 , that is “not “high, as long as the [more important number] the bottom is 80 or lower.
  • The top number should be higher because that is when the heart contracts which forces a high volume of blood thru the arteries which would naturally create more pressure on the inside of the arterial walls  .
  • The stronger your heart beat is the more blood will be pushed through the arteries which will make the pressure greater and the top number higher , than a person with a weak heart beat .
  • The top number will fluctuate a lot if you exert yourself ,  or are under stress ,etc .
  • Top number should go higher when you exercise than when sedentary.

                                                          Points [ Bottom number]

  • The bottom number is the pressure the blood exerts against the inside walls of the arteries when the heart is at rest [ between ] beats .
  • The bottom number is definitely more important than the top number , because blood isn’t being forced through the arteries at that moment when the heart is at rest  That means there should not be pressure , if there’s pressure when there shouldn’t be pressure , bottom number higher than 80  common sense , that’s not good .
  • You do “not” want the bottom number to be higher than 80 . Most preferable 80 or lower .
  • When” exercising” the bottom number should actually stay the same, or even drop , as opposed to the top number which should go higher .

    Symptoms –  High blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • dizziness
  • pounding sound in the head, chest, neck

    The normal range use to be 140 /80 but they lowered it to 120/80  so they can make more money,  by telling you your blood pressure is high,  so they can sell more medications .There is nothing wrong with the top number being 140 or even 150 .  Again , what’s most important is the bottom number not being higher than 80 !!!


Dark chocolate is tremendous for lowering blood pressure . It relaxes [ dilates] the arteries by roughly 40%  ,which lets the blood flow more freely with less pressure against the inside of the arterial walls . Also ,  garlic , cinnamon, figs , olive oil , bananas , oatmeal , pistachios , seeds , berries , leafy greens , olive oil ,  pomegranates  lower b;lood pressure .

How pliable , flexible your arteries are will greatly affect blood pressure ,  for the good or bad .

There are many Herbs as well as foods to lower blood pressure naturally . Google it

 “6” Main causes of high blood pressure are   1] High salt intake [ using salt shaker too much ]  2]  consuming pork products [ lunch , cold cuts ] which are cured , full of salt  which causes fluid retention hence HBP   3] Stress !!!  4 ] Constant anger  5] obesity  6 ]  smoking [ narrows arteries ]

As for taking conventional medications to lower HBP they are all basically Satanic , especially  [beta blockers] , because they work by slowing the heart beat , force of contraction etc which is complete insanity . 

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