Canola oil is horrific , why is everyone using it ?  including almost all health food stores [ Whole foods]  who serve foods at their hot bars etc ?  It’s one of the worst substances one can consume, it has all kinds of detrimental side effects. 

Oils need to be from foods , DO YOU UNDERSTAND ? ie :  olive oil comes from olives , peanut oil comes from peanuts , corn oil comes from corn ,what food does canola oil come from ?, it doesn’t, but from a “poisonous” [plant]  rapeseed .

Essential oils are from [ plants] and are used by and large ” externally”.  Most health food company’s , stores use it because it’s cheaper than the better oils , [ olive , peanut ]  and they care more about saving money than your health.  1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible .
















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