Here’s how you can tell if you are Vit D  [calcium] “deficient “, look at your teeth , do they have a” yellow cast” to them . You can brush your teeth all you want it’s useless, as I stated in my DYK section . Nothing can stain your teeth , not coffee wine smoke etc  their not dirty , it’s a yellow cast in the teeth from being low in D [ calcium] .

Here’s why your teeth look yellow , when you don’t get enough calcium [whole dairy] your skeletal system [ the larger bone structure] say’s to the smaller bone structure [ teeth]  “were way bigger so we need way more calcium” and “leeches” the calcium from your teeth . That’s why your teeth look yellow, it has nothing to do with brushing your teeth .

The skeletal system is always trying to keep it’s calcium levels normal so it keeps taking it from the teeth .

Notice how so few people have real white teeth and how hardly anyone drinks or consumes “whole” dairy products .











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