A lot of times Gods into the small things that you need . I moved into a new room in like a so-called Christian boarding home . I bought a mattress the frame and box spring were there . I needed a pillow and a sheet to cover the mattress which I had been praying a little while for since I moved in about 3 wks ago  .

Can you believe this ? I get a knock on my door , I opened it up , and one of the 7 guys who boards with me there,  a nice older black gentlemen is standing there with  his arms out and a pillow,  a pillow case , a sheet to cover the mattress , as well as another flat sheet  and gives them to me .

Now , how did that man know I needed exactly that,  he never was in my room and I never talked to him before except in the hallway to say hi . His room is down the hall . I told him that is what I needed and was ready to go to Target [ store]  and buy a 10$ pillow  . Unbelievable . I’m laughing so hard .

Check this out the window in my room faces a very highly trafficked road which means all the exhaust fumes come right up into my room . It was really bothering me being I’m such a health fanatic . I prayed to move to the other side of the hallway or apartment complex were my window would be away from the main road . I related to the women who runs the boarding home that if I could move across the hallway to the other side it would be great . Sure enough she came back and said the gentlemen who had a room on  the other side has been gone and a family member of his said not to worry about keeping his room for him he won’t be back , which I took .




















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