1. Carrots greatly increase blood flow to the eye’s .
  2. Grains [ whole] especially [ spelt ] strengthens the heart muscle Ps 104 : 15 [ Niv] bible ]
  3. Tuna [ dark] has selenium which dampens or puts out any mercury or radiation
  4. Raisins [ iron]  give you strength, Apples refresh you  SOS 2 : 5 [ Niv] bible
  5. Mushrooms fight viruses .
  6. [Dark] chocolate lowers blood pressure  by dilating [ relaxing] arteries by 40 %, which lets blood flow more freely with less pressure on the arterial walls  , as well as [ garlic , oatmeal, cinnamon , pomegranates , bananas ].
  7. Jewish penicillin [ chicken broth ] as it has been called ” hot as possible”, helps fight colds and the flu .
  8. Alzheimer’s is caused by cooking in aluminum or Teflon skillets !!! , it’s a modern-day disease which was unheard of before these above type “skillets” . It’s true .
  9. Pineapple has a healing enzyme for connective tissue [ ligaments and tendons ].
  10. “Constipation” is 97% due to dehydration [ not drinking enough water] and” too” “much” coffee which dehydrate’s you , as well as pop and certain medications.
  11. Arthritis is caused by a high protein diet [ red meat , pork] which makes the blood Ph acidic . Remedy: [  more fruit/ veg  and drink more  water] [ spring] .
  12. The body’s main source of fuel is” carbs” [ complex]  not protein or fat, contrary to what you hear today, Isa 59 : 15 [ Niv] bible .” Carbs” are what the body is set up for  Zech 9 : 17 [ Niv] bible .
  13. A high protein diet [ animal meats]  Ketosis , Atkins , Paleo  1] leeches calcium from bone 2 ] makes the blood Ph acidic   3 ] is hard on the kidneys .
  14. You can tell if your calcium” vitamin D  deficient” by the teeth, do they have a” yellow” or dark cast to them .
  15. You do” not” need a toothbrush, nothing can stain the teeth” not” coffee , wine, smoke etc , they’re like an enamel or Teflon skillet , nothing can stick to them. What you do need to do is floss with a string like 1 a month unless you eat apples reguarly .
  16. Red wine is especially good for women  Zech 9 : 17 [ Niv] bible .
  17. You can tell if your Vit” C” deficient your gums bleed when you floss .
  18. Dr.’s misdiagnose about 80% of the time.
  19. Stay away from  Dr.’s diagnosing and treating you, they will ruin you  Mk 5 : 26 [ Niv] bible , go to God first  11 Chro 16 : 12 [ Niv] bible . NO JOKE !!!
  20. The body absorbs nutrients from pills” poorly” .
  21. “Americans” consume more Vit and Supps than almost all nations , yet we are one of the most” unhealthy” people in the world !!!. Think about it .
  22. People lived longer in the past than now  Gen 5 : 5 , Gen 25 : 7 Gen 50 : 26 [ Niv ]bible .
  23. The fat in breast milk is equivalent to” whole” milk , and it develops an [ infants , child’s ] brain.
  24. ” Some Formula ‘s” are not from” whole” milk and are highly processed with cancer causing  chemicals.
  25. “Physician” prescribed medications are the 4th leading cause of death .
  26. “Black” pepper is like 20 x more poisonous to the liver than alcohol .
  27. You must eat carbs [ bread] with protein [ meats] or you will go into  a state of Ketosis which is very destructive [ gout, arthritis ]
  28. “Diet” pop has a chemical that causes bladder cancer.
  29. You “cannot” take Vit” D” supps  they build up” unhealthy” levels of calcium in the blood stream . and can cause  [ arterial calcification and A fib ]
  30. There are fat soluble [ A, D , E ] and water-soluble [ B ,C, ]  vitamins. Water are excreted daily, fat are not .
  31. You do not want to shower” daily” if you haven’t” sweated” to any appreciable extent,  especially in the  [winter] , it has a negative effect on the immune system .
  32. The most important points concerning milk is that it’s” whole” and the cows are “grass” fed and the milk is “not”  ultra pasteurized  .
  33. Pasteurizing [heat] milk is okay because Vit D is “stable” in heat .
  34. The only  Vitamin that is” not” stable in heat is Vit C  [ Fruits/ Veg ].
  35. “Whole” milk is great for ulcers , contrary to the nonsense you hear today .
  36. Stomach ulcers are caused by” stress” not bacteria, which is being falsely espoused today . This [ stress]  creates” too much” hydrochloric acid which eats a hole in the lining of the stomach. Pure and simple .
  37. Asparagus [ tips]  can heal concussions . [ see Doctrine of Signature] ..
  38. Canola oil is one of the” unhealthiest” substances you can ingest , it’s from a poisonous plant [ rapeseed]  not a food , like it should be . ie ; olive oil comes from olives , peanut oil from peanuts,  corn oil from corn, etc!. Hello!.
  39. The brain is fueled by carbs  a scientific fact [ google it ] so eliminating or reducing them [ Ketosis , Atkins , Paleo] can lead to confusion , depression.
  40. Giving birth would be somewhat easier when you” stand” instead of laying on your back, let gravity work for you .
  41. You can go at least one year and longer as was done in past times [ bible]  before feeding an infant” real “food  Gen 21 : 8 [ See bible commentaries  on this verse ].
  42. Cats love and need whole milk [ room] temp and fish .
  43. You cannot get enough” saturated” fat as a strict vegan eschewing” whole” dairy .
  44. “There  was  no  Autism  before   vaccines”  .
  45. Dementia is not the same as Alzheimers .
  46. The only acceptable number to store liquids in plastic bottles is” 2 ” the [ soft plastic]  not 1 , 3 , 5 , or 7 .
  47. It’s dangerous to take fat soluble vitamins [ A, D , E ] you can build up a toxicity in the liver, for they are” not excreted daily” like water-soluble  B , and C .
  48. We still have some of the richest class one soil in the world in the Ca . valleys were we get most of our produce and fruits , contrary to popular belief .
  49. Most vaccines contain” aluminum” or mercury  a known neuro- toxin.
  50. A fad diet is any that eliminates one of the “3” macro- nutrients  1]  Carbs  [ Paleo]   2]  Protein   3 ] Fat .
  51. The original” 4″ food groups are 1]  grains  2 ] fruit/ veg   3]  whole dairy   4 ] meats, nuts, poultry .
  52. You can listen to your body [ what it’s craving] to know what group you need to eat from or what Vit’s  you’re getting” deficient” in .
  53. The” 6″ essential nutrients are 1] carbs 2] protein 3] fat 4] vitamins 5] minerals 6] water.
  54. “Herbs” are the true and biblical way to heal any health problem  Ez 47 : 12 and Rev 22 : 2  [ Niv] bible.
  55. The only way [ fat]  nutrients, from” dairy” products can be used is consuming them “whole”. Because you must have the saturated fat in the food to absorb Vit  A and  Vit D .
  56. Gout is caused by an acidic blood Ph,[ Ketosis]   too much red meat and pork [ lunch meats]  and not drinking enough water [ spring]  and lack of  fruit/ veg.
  57. The best approach to keep from getting colds , or the  flu, and or to get over them quicker, is to boost the immune system with these foods [ garlic , onions,  yogurt, “,whole” milk [ grass-fed]  and chicken” broth” [ hot as possible] .
  58. If you drink orange juice or red wine [ Vit C ]  with” red meat” [ hamburger ,steak] it helps increase the absorption of iron in the red meat by 300% .
  59. Point 56 is also excellent for people going thru radiation or chemotherapy .
  60. Salt is good  Lk 14 : 34 [ Niv] bible  ,” too much” causes fluid retention [ high blood pressure] .
  61. You generally shouldn’t use a” salt shaker”, for most foods are already salted or have salt in them [ ingredients] .
  62. The bottom number or systolic [ pressure the blood exerts against the walls of the arteries when the heart is at rest[ between beats ] is”  considerable” more important than the top number [ diastolic] concerning blood pressure .
  63. If you  can’t milk it, [ soy, almond, flax]  etc ,  it’s not a real or suitable substitute for whole dairy [ milk from a goat or cow or sheep] that’s why it’s called MILK!!!  Isa 7 : 21 [  Niv] bible . THINK ABOUT IT .
  64. If you have an upset stomach” red wine” is great  1 Tim 5 : 23 [ Niv] bible .
  65. You can tell if your adrenal glands are under functioning by hair loss on the arms [ wrists]  and legs [ ankles] .
  66. Under functioning adrenal glands will blunt your thinking , depress the immune system , soften connective tissue  .
  67. Whole milk is good for the lungs , [ google it ] .
  68. The bible encourages “moderate”  alcohol consumption  Ecc 9 : 17 , Ps 104 : 14- 15 , Am 9 : 14  Isa 55 : 1 [ Niv] bible
  69. Alcohol in moderation is actually better than” not” drinking . Study’s show people live longer who drink moderately  than teetotalers.
  70. The best thing to do when trying to get a  suntan is” not” to shower or bathe before, it washes the oils of the body, which” greatly enhance” tanning .
  71. You” increase” the degree of depression by these 3 points  1)  Reducing  or cutting out complex carbs [ grains, bread]”. The brain is primarily fueled by carbs” ,  2] Drinking too much alcohol [ depressant ]   3] Sleeping” too” much , more than 6 hrs .
  72. It’s dangerous  to get all excited  about getting healthy [  colon cleanses]   after eating wrong for a long time. Pr 19 : 2 [ Niv] bible .  [ You release” too many toxins” too fast” into the blood stream ] . Remember Michael Landon .
  73. Toxins are released from the” top down” when you fast or cleanse that’s why headaches occur.
  74. If  you are trying to lose weight eat breakfast as early as possible, you burn more calories throughout the day than skipping breakfast [ it shuts] down your metabolism .
  75. When you give an infant milk  from a bottle [ whole ] of course, it has to be room temperature , not cold !!!.
  76. Muscle cramping is generally  caused by these 2 points ; 1] dehydration  [ not drinking enough water]  2] low potassium  [ bananas].
  77. Remember” too” much coffee , pop and many medications can dehydrate you . [Constipation ]. !!!
  78. There are “3”types of carbs  1] complex [ bread]  2]  simple [ fruit]  [  3] refined [ white bread , candy , pastries] etc!
  79. “Colon” cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the  U .S . [ Pork !!!  ]
  80. Being a strict vegan is dangerous without “whole” dairy, you” cannot” get enough [saturated]  fat or omega’s .
  81. “Too many” grains leeches calcium from the bones .
  82. There’s” 9″ calories to a gram of fat ,” 4″ to protein and carbs , common sense, fat makes you fat .
  83. Anti- biotics , alcohol, and  drugs  kill” friendly” bacteria , that’s why you must consume whole milk yogurt after taking anti-biotics .
  84. You must eat carbs [ bread]  with protein [ fish ] or you will eventually go into Ketosis [ an acidic blood Ph ] which is bad . [ So much for the Ketosis diet ] .
  85. “Many”  physician prescribed medications leech calcium from the bones .
  86. The best foods for the skin [complexion] are  1] red meat  2] tuna  3] whole milk  4] pumpkin .[ Science would back them up for they contain omega 3’s ].
  87. Pizza is a health food ,” don’t let anyone tell you it’s not “.[ Whole grain] especially . And cheese is great for you, as well as tomato sauce .[ Target has “4”  great natural  chemical free pizza’s ]  .1]  4 cheese, 2]   kale , 3]  Spinach and goat cheese  4]  3 cheese.
  88. Tomato sauce [ cooked]  fights cancer.
  89. Buying orange juice or any [ fruit juices] that are “pasteurized” kills most of the Vit C , since Vit C ” isn’t “stable in heat . Look for juices that are  [cold pressed]  not pasteurized.  [ ” Target” stores have cold pressed juices the Co. is Evolution  ] !!!.
  90. “Too” much sleep [ more than 6 hrs] ” depresses” you psychologically and physiologically   [ immune system] . [ See RVW post  ] .
  91. Oils [ from foods]  are tremendous for you as I have previously stated . Here are some of  the acceptable oils 1] olive  2] palm 3] sunflower 4 ] peanut 5 ] safflower . Stay away from corn ,soy , [ GMO]  cottonseed , and of course the one from a poisonous plant not a food ,one of the worst substances you can ingest,” Canola” .
  92. Sugar destroys the” B ” vitamins , which are responsible for  1]  Energy production and  2]  Healthy nervous system .[ See FFT section ] .
  93. A” little” old-fashioned  table sugar isn’t going to hurt you . You can have a can of organic peas or cereal that has like 6gm of sugar, it’s no big deal, because you’re not drinking  5 cans of pop , eating candy bars , doughnuts , all day long .
  94. There are good snacks [ chips , cookies] like[ Justins organic peanut butter cups]  etc ! . I eat them all the time . Just make sure there not loaded with sugar , there are no chemicals, artificial dyes,  bad oils, [ canola , soy , corn , cottonseed  ]   GMO ingredients  etc!  in them
  95. [ Black ] tea is “no good” it contains oxalates which can damage the kidney’s, green and white have much “lower” levels .
  96. The main cause of acne is [deep- fried] foods . It exacerbates the sebous glands .
  97. The body has a drainage system, that is why wrapping injured  area’s [ knee]  that have fluid is good . It pushes[ by compression] the synovial fluid back into the body’s drainage system.  You do” not” drain the fluid [ synovial ] from  an injured joint , the body produces it to keep from bending the knee into an extreme position . Remember Pt ” 9 ” .  Use a” 3″ in ace bandage criss -cross over the knee don’t make too tight or too loose .
  98. Green tea has been shown to, prevent multiple types of cancers [ pancreatic , mouth esophagus, stomach] etc !,  yet 75% of tea consumed world-wide is black  Pt 95 . unbelievable !!!
  99. Coconut has 2 types of acid that gives you energy  1] Lauric  2] Capic.  Macaroon cookies are a good way to give you more energy .
  100. Eggs are great for you , again, there are no bad foods except for meats, eggs contain lecithin which has many health benefits and actually cuts or helps the body to emulsify fat . Se  Lk 11 : 12 [ Niv] bible . See post ” Perfect food .”
  101. Here’s “2” [ simple ] way’s you can tell if your eating “too much protein” which causes an acidic blood Ph  [Ketosis ] which is “very”  bad . 1]  Is your urine a clear type color or yellow . You want it to be clearer .  2]  Smell your breath does it have an acidic smell to it , not good .[ Drink more water [ spring]  cut out animal meats [ red and pork]  and eat just “one” piece of fruit a day  to return the blood Ph to the desired alkaline state . guaranteed .
  102. Some people about 25% of our population [ U. S .] do not need ” whole” dairy products . ” 2 ” Reason ,  1] they have small frames, [ skeletal]  or  2] genetically their bodies are super efficient at utilizing calcium .
  103. If you want to lose weight  ,it’s simple ,burn more calories [ active] daily, than you take in daily.
  104. Greens [ lettuces] are very important Gen 9 : 3 [ Niv] bible . they clean you out inwardly .
  105. It’s good to mix up greens should eat dark greens in the winter , light in the summer.   Don’t ” cook” greens eat them raw .
  106. You don’t have to wash the head of lettuce just take outer leaf of throw it away it has all the chemicals if it’s not organic.
  107. The reason there’s  so much” kidney” problems is because of  consuming  too much  protein  [animal]  meats [ red and pork] .
  108. The proper breakdown or diet of the” 3″ macro -nutrients is  65% carbs 25 % protein 15% fat [saturated]  .Which is the bible’s example, lot’s of  whole grains , fruit/ veg , fish , very little red meat , and no pork . And “whole” dairy to get the saturated fat .
  109. Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value , lettuce must be leafy type .
  110. Stress [ too much ] depletes” all” Vitamins . Your emotions effect your health  Ps 38 : 3 [Niv]  bible . In this case the stress of his problems depleted Vit D  [ bones] .
  111. Cooking in an  iron skillet gives you iron .
  112. The bible is big on the ” 2″  G’s    1]  Greens   [  Gen 1 : 29 , Gen 9 : 3]    2]  Grains Zech 9 : 17 Niv bible  [ just google bread or grains in the bible ] it’s ridiculous when people say grains [ bread]  are no good , their  everything  Matt 4 : 4  [ Niv]  bible . It’s what the body’s “totally” set  up for , Zech 9 : 17 [ Niv]  bible.   There are exceptions [ Eskimo’s ]  who need a high fat diet .
  113. Grains are called the   “Staff of Life “. Think about it .
  114. No GMO [ wheat]  has reached the market , it’s a lie , there are plenty of acceptable grains that aren’t hybrids  !!! . Don’t believe anything you hear today Isa 59 : 15 [ Niv] bible . Go by the bible, it’s your anchor, it’s from God  11 Pet 1 : 21  [ Niv] bible ,  not people’s erroneous thoughts .And more and more farmers are using[ heirloom] seeds .
  115. You do not want to eat red meat undercooked [ rare]  Lev  7 : 26  , Ac 15 : 20 [ Niv] bible .
  116. Cooking red meat” well done” kills all kinds of harmful bacteria   e- coli , salmonella , mad cows disease, why would anyone take a chance eating “undercooked” meat ? .
  117. The very thing to try to prevent breast cancer mammograms , actually greatly increase your chances of getting the cancer . google [ do mammograms cause cancer ] check out 4th link   [ Title : Dangerous or safe for breasts] !!!
  118. Carbs [ complex] are brain food [ whole grains, beans] which science would back up since the brains main source of fuel is carbs .
  119. Fish and Walnut’s as I stated in Doctrine of Signature are also brain foods.
  120. Breast cancer is caused by consuming a high fat [ saturated] diet “animal meats”[ red and pork ] .
  121. Many study’s show you greatly” decrease” the incidence of breast cancer by consuming fruits / veg .  Google  [ Italian women and breast cancer] .
  122. Many studies [ Ornish , Pritkin] have proven you can” reverse” heart disease [ clogged arteries ] buy eliminating animal meats [ red and pork ] . So much for a high fat diet.  [ Paleo  ,Atkins , Ketosis] .
  123. There are many study’s showing the” dangers” of taking Vitamins A, D, E,  the “Fat” soluble Vitamins . Google [  Vitamin myth, why we think we need supplements] .
  124. In the biblical times people rarely ate “animal  meats”[ red ] only on special occasions . Lk 15 : 22-27 [ Niv] bible .
  125. Strict vegans don’t get heart attacks , but they do have skeletal problems from eschewing “whole” dairy products .
  126. You can tell if your adrenal glands are exhausted by taking your blood pressure lying down then standing . A big difference means they are exhausted .
  127. Drinking a little more water , and eating even “one” piece of fruit a day and cutting down on animal meats , will go a long way in keeping your blood Ph alkaline instead of acidic [Ketosis]  . See point [101] .
  128. Broken blood vessels in the eye [ red-eye]  can be a sign of” high “blood pressure .
  129. Rosacea [ red nose ] can have” 3″ basic causes  1] too much alcohol  2] extreme temp [hot, cold]  3 ] stress!!!.   Alcohol is” not” the only cause !!!
  130. Mushrooms help fight viruses , tumors , cancer , they greatly boost the immune system  , and reduce inflammation body wide . .
  131. The bible always talks about goat’s milk .
  132. The main cause of passing gas is food combining , mixing too many foods at one meal and mixing certain food groups , like nut’s and grains causes gas .
  133. When you blow your nose, blow one nostril at a time, not both . You can do this by compressing one nostril while you gently blow the other . You can cause a brain hemorrhage by blowing” both” at the same time .
  134. Aspirin is hard on the kidney’s and liver, there are [Herbs] for pain [ google it] .
  135. High fructose corn syrup is hard on the liver , buy drinks without it .
  136. It’s so important to get garlic into your system for all kinds of reasons ,study’s show it 1]  boosts immune system, 2]  fights [ viruses  , cancer , tumors], 3]  gives endurance .A good way is to buy [garlic bread sticks] and eat a few each day for like 2 months on then  1 or 2 months of .
  137. Parsley [ chewing on it for like 10 sec] takes away garlic breath  .
  138. Like 97% of cancers are diet related .
  139. Besides Herbs [ Essential oils] are also biblical and beneficial to help an organ work back up to 100%. They are primarily to be used ” externally” .
  140. There are spots or places on the bottom of the [ foot] to apply essential oils . Google reflexology chart [ essential oils ] .
  141. [Brown] eggs have more calcium than white . Of course their great for you
    Lk 11 : 12 [Niv] bible .
  142. There are 2 types of Vit D  , D2 and D3 . Vitamin D3 is “way” more important than 2 .
  143. You can only get vitamin D3 thru [animal] based sources . Which is why “strict” veganism is dangerous.
  144. Calcium by far is the most abundant mineral in the body . You can get it from foods animal and plant-based .
  145. The body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium .
  146. The body produces cholesterol , if you take in too much it produces less , if you take in too little it produces more . Cholesterol has nothing to do with cardio vascular disease . HDL and LDL are way more important” markers” for cardio health .
  147. Most people who have heart attacks show” low” cholesterol . Google it .
  148. There are “flower” remedies [ Bach] in liquid forms for all kinds of problems concerning [ Emotion’s ] , like fear, discouragement , shyness etc !!!. Science shows they have a considerable effect on emotions . Google it .
  149. Statins have terrible side effects . Period . Check out comment in FFT section towards the end about cholesterol which is what they are for .
  150. Milk is a food , you drink it for nourishment not hydration .
  151. If it say’s salt in the ingredients it’s processed  [ no good],  should say” sea”  salt , or Himalayan .
  152. As I’ve stated coffee is great for you, just not black . Also, do not use bleached  coffee filters [ white] filters have to be brown.
  153. Your fingernails can give an indication of the health of the body . Should be “pinkish” in the middle [ bed]  , white at the top edges .
  154. If the [ whites] of the eyes are “yellow” this is a sign of liver disease.
  155. You can tell the condition of your skin and how hydrated [ enough water ] you are by pinching the back of your hand, [ pulling up] , and seeing how quick the skin goes back down .
  156. If you go for an  x- ray , make sure they give you a lead shield to protect you from the radiation . Most of the time the nurse is behind one when administering the  x- ray .
  157. Raising the feet when moving the bowels considerable improves bowel evacuation . [You can put a little stool under the feet] .
  158. It’s not good to “hold” a sneeze in .
  159. “3” signs you have sugar diabetes  1] Excessive thirst  2] Frequent urination  3] Lack of circulation to fingers and toes .
  160. Taking steroid injections destroys ligaments and tendons .
  161. Margarine is terrible , it’s loaded with all kinds of cancer causing chemicals . You want real butter , salted .
  162. It’s good to blow your nose gently [ on purpose] “one” nostril at a time, each day, to get out any pollution you accumulated during the day . See point 132 .
  163. “Spirit” cigarettes contain no cancer causing chemicals .
  164. Rocket fuel has been found in the water , in like half of the states in the U. S .
  165. Contrary to what you hear , that the sun causes eye diseases  [ glaucoma , cataracts] . The sun is good for the eyes.  Not looking directly at it of course . Ecc 11 : 7 [Niv] bible .
  166. You can use olive oil to cook in , if you keep the heat” low”.
  167. Excessive thirst can signify an infection, as well as diabetes .
  168. Remember when you take anti- biotic’s they kill good as well as bad bacteria . Which can set you up for an intestinal infection .
  169. You have to get the good bacteria back into your system after taking anti -biotics . Yogurt from [whole]  milk is the best way .
  170. Vaginal odor is caused by loss of good bacteria . Remedy [ Yogurt ].
  171. The most abundant mineral in the body, by far, is calcium .
  172. The cause of [ bad breath] in many cases is constipation , which leads to toxins and poisons being built up through out the system .
  173. You should definitely move your bowels at least” twice”  a day from when you wake up to going to bed .
  174. Remember as I stated above  in a previous DYK point , drinking more water , green tea, and  a [little ] coffee will stimulate more bowel movements , as well as cutting out pop and medications .
  175. Ct scans , mammograms contain like 200 to 500 x more radiation than conventional x- rays.
  176. There are definite concerns about the contrasting agent used in MRI’s that it causes brain abnormalities.
  177. Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a [ back up] of lymph fluid caused by lack of physical  activity .
  178. “Red” wine is considerable better than white . Has resveratrol , polyphenol and flavonoids that white doesn’t have . Also white is from white grapes which have no seeds  !!!.
  179. [White] wine is actually bad for you, it’s showing to cause melanoma and rosacea.
  180. You can’t get enough B 12 from plant-based foods “totally” eliminating all animal products . [ whole dairy]
  181. Omega 3’s from plant foods are not the same as from animal sources , the body utilizes animal source omega 3 ‘s  way more efficiently .
  182. Omega 6’s are bad in” large” amounts which a lot of fast foods and vegetable oils have especially  [soy] .
  183. Warts are caused by viruses. Remedy, [ boost the immune system] . See pt 56 .
  184. There are all kinds of “natural” remedies for warts . Google it .
  185. A great way to naturally get iron in your diet is to cook in an “iron” skillet .
  186. Apples clean and whiten the teeth ,they are natures best toothbrush,  so to speak .
  187. Iridology [ looking into the eyes to determine the health or what organs are functioning properly ] is true or science based practice ,  which the bible tells us Matt 6: 22  Niv bible .
  188. Study’s are showing that dark chocolate can considerable keep the heart from “fluttering” .
  189. Mixing red wine and olive oil is a good aid to healing wounds or cuts . Lk 10 : 34
  190. A women ‘s need for calcium considerable increases when pregnant.
  191. A fetus’s skeletal system grows rapidly during the 3rd trimester , it will actually leech calcium from the pregnant mothers bones .
  192. A women’s body actually absorbs calcium from foods more efficiently when pregnant.
  193. Onions especially [red] have tremendous cancer fighting properties.
  194. Citrus fruits help prevent stomach cancer .
  195. Chocolate,  especially [ dark] helps improve cognitive brain function [ memory] , and protects neurons in the brain .
  196. Eggs greatly increase growth and reduces stunting in children .
  197. Eating fish can help reduce arthritic symptoms .
  198. You do “not” want to drink water ” ice” cold when it’s real hot outside .
  199. You want to drink water cold , not warm Matt 10 : 42 [Niv] bible .
  200. Figs help control blood Pressure
  201. 1st thing when you wake up in the morning drink 4 to 6  oz of water [ Spring , or Well ] before you eat any food to flush the system so to speak . Wait like 15 to 20 min before eating .
  202. You are way better of [ eating breakfast] as early as possible when trying to lose weight than [skipping breakfast] .
  203. When you skip breakfast the body shuts down so to speak , the metabolism slows down [ burn calories]  .
  204. Milk alternatives like soy, almond, coconut, flax, silk, lack a certain very important mineral’s [iodine , taurine]  that whole dairy [ cow, goat , sheep] milk has .
  205. Fish can improve your sleep and IQ. [ Makes sense,  has omega 3’s which are needed for brain development]  .
  206. Milk does “not” have to be raw because vitamin D is stable in heat .
  207. Ultra – pasteurizing milk is no good , kills good bacteria as well as bad .
  208. Vitamins do not give you energy nutrients [carbs , protein , fat ]  give you energy .
  209. A fever can be a good thing ,  it helps the body’s natural defense, can shrink tumors , help heal wounds and fight infections , as long as it stay’s around 101 to 103 degrees and not for more than a few days .
  210. Coughing can help prevent a heart attack !!! [ Google it ]
  211. Cherries have like 16x the vitamin C than oranges .
  212. Energy drinks [ red bull ] etc  are terrible , causes rapid heart beat , headaches , insomnia , dehydration [ caffeine]
  213. You do not have to refrigerate butter , you can leave it out in a butter dish .
  214. Studies have shown Mushrooms fight breast cancer and aid in preventing memory loss .
  215. Cheeries are tremendous for causing cancer cells to kill themselves and especially good for breast cancer .
  216. Diabetes leads to high blood pressure causes [ loss of arterial elasticity ] arteries lose pliability .
  217. You do not want to drink coffee black !!!  See post [smell the coffee ]
  218. Tinnitus [ ringing sound in the ears ] can signify high blood Pressure .
  219. All Felines [ cats , tigers ] need and love milk [ room temp] because milk naturally contains taurine . Don’t listen to what you hear today .
  220. You can tell if your getting enough protein by how fast your nails and hair are growing .
  221. You can help the pancreas to produce insulin after it has been burnt out by consuming too much refined table sugar by eating garlic .
  222. Black people need 3x the sunlight than white people .
  223. Letting a dog lick a cut or wound makes it heal faster .
  224. Citrus fruits help prevent breast cancer .
  225. You can sleep too much . See my post [ Rip van winkle ]
  226. Brain is made of fat , but fueled by carbs .
  227. Eliminating complex carbs [bread , beans] will cause brain fog .
  228. Black licorice is good for adrenal burnout .
  229. You can tell if your getting enough protein by how fast your nails and hair grow .
  230. Vitamin C is the only vitamin that is not stable in heat [ pasteurization ] want to eat fruits , juices raw or cold pressed .

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