I just ran into a young women with a cast on her foot,  she said she drinks whole milk  , which had me perplexed . Just because you drink or consume whole dairy doesn’t guarantee you won’t break a bone , but it will make it  a lot less likely . She did say maybe she needed to drink a little more .  It turns out she’s pregnant , she wondered if that had any bearing , so I checked into it , and yes it does . Pregnant women need more calcium , if they don’t take enough in , the fetus will leech calcium from the mother’s bones . Amazing .


I’m working through a temp agency  doing different jobs,  so one day I was with a guy taking furniture to a Muslim women ‘s apartment . I tried to tactfully talk her out of being a Muslim, as I try to do as much as possible when I get the courage.  I said God can be using me to get you to become a Christian and she said the opposite . She wasn’t scared and we were even joking somewhat . She then went to the other guy who works regularly for the furniture Co. and told him our discussion . She then went and sat in her car pretending to be scared , to get me in trouble .  The guy I was paired with went of on me and they took me back to the furniture store and told me I could no longer be sent out by the temp agency to their Co.  I’m always getting in trouble one way or another especially when I try to talk to Muslims.  O well .

Are you people reading the understanding that I’m imparting in the FFT section. Read them , think about what I’m saying ,  C-mon you will really like it  .

I’m leaving this color for the front header page because I like it so much .

Read the health and nutrition news categories every food the bible says is good, science comes out and confirms it , ie ; whole dairy , eggs, fish , olive oil  , red wine nuts ,whole grains.  etc! 

I have been working at a Jewish community center just washing dishes right now . They have a lunch they serve every day with 3 types of milk,  whole , 2%, and 0% which is ridiculous . 

When I go out to the dinning room to grab the dirty dishes , I try to talk all the people mostly seniors into taking the whole milk instead of the 2% or 0% and a lot of them are listening to me .  Unbelievable . LOL !!!

















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