For the new people I change the [weekly] categories and color every Monday after work .

Site keeps growing  just about every single week for the year and a half that I’ve had it . I have people from all over the world .

Read the DYK and FFT sections, the weekly saying,  food for thought , quotes about prayer ,  c- mon you will like them . Think about what I am saying .

If anyone could keep praying for God to help me get the excitement out of my heart to go to massage parlors which I “haven’t” for over a year and a half . I have been fighting of the desire lately.  I would greatly appreciate it .

May the God of Christ bless everyone who frequents this site , keep you from violence,  and open your mind to what I am conveying.

I have the flu , unbelievable in August  . I have a hard time with stress, which has over the years exhausted my adrenal glands,  which affects the immune system . It’s amazing,  I usually get over it in like 3 days and still work because of the foods I eat to ramp up the immune system , whole milk [ grass-fed]  garlic , onions , yogurt [ from whole milk]  and chicken broth [ Jewish penicillin]  hot as possible  .

My adrenal glands are functioning at about 85%  up from like a dangerously low 50% about a year ago . Still trying to figure out how to get them back to 100% with foods , Herbs and Essential oils .

When I am at the health food stores it seems like hardly anyone wants to talk about how they eat or what’s in their shopping cart when I try to talk to them . I don’t get it you should be excited to converse about how to eat right but most people aren’t interested in any discussion .























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