Another well-known health talk show host  James Winer died recently from a heart attack .  How could a health talk show host have health problems or die of a heart attack ?, because he taught or said one thing and did another . Without being mean-spirited he was a hypocrite . He didn’t practice what he “use” to preach .

He use to teach whole grains, fruit/veg ,  he even had excellent booklets out back in the 70’s but he completely got away from the truth . I think this is a fascinating point,  if you don’t eventually do what truth you know you will lose that truth  Matt 13 : 12 , Matt 25 : 14 -30 [Niv] bible .  . In other words “truth not appropriated is lost”  as a bible commentary explained and was the case with Winer .  Winer was teaching all kinds of wrong things,  carbs, whole dairy, coffee and alcohol are bad,  not true at all . He was eating out like every day at Indian restaurants which is terrible as well as just about any eating establishment , because they use [canola] oil in everything they serve. He was also taking fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E which can harden the arteries and cause A – fib .

 My oldest brother who is like 65 is being butchered by Dr.’s . I tried to help him but he’s not into natural or alternative ways . He thinks Dr.’s are God and whatever they say he lets them do to him . They keep wanting to do tests and procedures right after he had surgery which is terrible because you are in a weakened state . They removed a growth or whatever from his stomach.  They said he had cancer in his liver etc , or that his liver was jaundiced,  so they pierced his liver and put in like 2 chunts to drain the liver which is really unnecessary because that is the function of the liver to cleanse the body and itself . You eat right and take Herbs  to help ,the liver be at optimal functioning capacity , but as I said he like other people are just not into the health field and eating right so to speak.

The longer he stayed in the hospital the worse he became . He was doing pretty good right after surgery , then they went and convinced him to do more procedures for this and that and as I said,  it made him worse. Reminds me of you know it Mk 5 : 26 Niv bible .

I tell all of you , stay away from the medical profession unless it’s an absolute emergency, it’s unbelievably horrible. They will ruin you .

May the God of Christ bless everyone who frequents this site , keep you from violence,  and open your mind to what I am conveying.























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