I had related that my oldest brother was very sick . He passed away . I thank anyone for praying .


I was talking to a women about giving her two little children whole milk grass fed . She didn’t believe in animal milk and was going to give the children their “whole” lives [breast] milk that has been stored or from other women . I never heard of that,  not sure it’s even a good idea , wow.

As I have related I drink 2 beers most everyday  after work and going to the library to work on this site which ends like 7 ‘o clock  . I have been drinking two beers a day for like 30 some years . Then around 9’o clock I have one glass of wine , which is like 2hrs after I drank the 2 beers . I was drinking Straub beer supposedly a natural beer till I found out it wasn’t  natural at all . They use GMO corn . I have switched to Heineken which is one of the most natural chemical preservative free beers . They do not use corn .

All this time I have been eating potatoes,  organic corn, [ like popcorn] , bannanas, and oranges which are all hybrids [ no seeds ] . I have stopped all of them .

Supposedly red potatoes are okay , and Valencia oranges have seeds in them so they are okay too . But they [ oranges]  tasted terrible , so I juice them .

 You see , it’s all about tweeking [ making changes ]  learning how to eat right  , not what vitamins , supplements  to take .







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