For the new people I change the [weekly] categories and color every Monday after work  , unless I work late and can’t get to the library..

Site keeps growing  just about every single week for the year and a half that I’ve had it . I have people from all over the world . I haven’t really opened it up because I don’t know how to,  but I’m working on it .

If anyone could keep praying for God to help me get the excitement out of my heart to go to massage parlors which I “haven’t” for over a year and a half . I have been fighting of the desire lately.  I would greatly appreciate it .


My adrenal glands are functioning at about 85%  up from like a dangerously low 50% about a year ago . Still trying to figure out how to get them back to 100% with foods , Herbs and Essential oils .

You know  I was thinking I really haven’t drank “grass “fed whole milk for most of my life, mostly [ grain] fed whole cows milk , so I’m really excited about getting it in my diet so to speak,  all the time from here on out .

Check out the” health nutrition news” post ,  you gotta love it . It’s always coming out with articles about foods that the bible talks or advocates eating.

May the God of Christ bless everyone who frequents this site , keep you from violence,  and open your mind to what I am conveying . 
























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