Check this out for yourself google it . Reality Check—Hospital Stay is 10 Times More Likely to Kill You Than a Motor Vehicle Crash .

Here are some reasons why , 1] medical errors  2] infections  3] anti- biotics  4] botched surgeries related in an article by Dr. Mercola in one of his articles in his natural health Website , which I found by googling” are hospitals dangerous” .

I personally know a women who had back surgery and had to have her back incision re-opened because they gave her an infection .

This isn’t infrequent or occasional  , these problems are commonplace, happening [every ] day across the U. S. , by the 10’s and 100’s of thousands .

Notice,  a lot of the problem is overlooking the [ basics]  like simple hygiene etc !

Remember ,as I have stated before on this site of mine , when you have all that knowledge, book learning, it tends to make people proud overlook the basics , want to make things complicated when they aren’t .  Reason that they are not important  or that your above simple things . See 1 Cor 8 : 1 

I tell you the truth , unless you absolutely have to like in case of an extreme emergency, stay out of hospitals . If you go in , you might not come out , if you do there is a 50% chance you will be worse of than when you went in .

Think about this , a lot of people , especially men , will go and have surgery on purpose to get out of work and go on disability . People also just like the thought of all the attention they will get  .  They are completely in the dark about how bad hospitals are . People actually think to themselves how nice hospitals are and that nothing could really go wrong , because it’s a hospital and they think Dr.’s are like God , and everything will be fine . Little do they know .

Remember,  what you don’t know can kill you . Hos 4 : 6

I have tried many times to warn people who were going to have surgery .

I completely forgot , I use to cut some of my neighbors grass and the one man whose yard I mowed , his wife died on the operating table for Knee replacement surgery .

Do you ever wonder why, the symbol for the medical profession is “2” serpents slithering up a pole .

Here’s the problem when you hear about some great medical procedure that saved someone’s life or transplant everyone thinks the medical profession is so wonderful period . No , it’s not , what does occasional great medical procedures have to do with all the people that they make worse or ruin that you don’t hear about .

As a matter of fact, I was just watching a T. V. commercial about how hospitals keep quiet and lie about botched surgeries ,  patient medication overdosing etc!.

Remember Mk 5 : 26 Niv bible . It’s there for a reason .

Here’s an article on Dr. Mercola’s site  

By Dr. Mercola

Hospitals are typically thought of as places where lives are saved, but statistics show they’re actually one of the most dangerous places you could possibly frequent.1,2

Each day, more than 40,000 harmful and/or lethal medical errors occur, placing the patient in a worse situation than what they came in with.3

According to a 2013 study,4,5 preventable medical errors kill around 440,000 patients each year—that’s more than 10 times the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes! Hospitals have become particularly notorious for spreading lethal infections.

According to 2014 statistics6,7 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 25 patients end up with a hospital-acquired infection. In 2011 alone, 75,000 people died as a result.8

Medicare patients may be at even greater risk. According to the 2011 Health Grades Hospital Quality in America Study,9 1 in 9 Medicare patients developed a hospital-acquired infection.

Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Administrators Blamed

Over the years, hospitals have been warned they need to improve infectious control, but according to two new reports,10,11 the U.S. healthcare system has largely failed to make a dent in the problem.

On the whole, only 6 percent of U.S. hospitals receive top scores for preventing common drug-resistant infections.

As reported by NBC News:12

“…America’s hospitals are still teeming with infectious bacteria, including drug-resistant superbugs…One-third of hospitals rated by Consumer Reports got low scores on how well they prevent one of the worst infections, Clostridium difficile.

Many are flagship teaching hospitals, like those at Johns Hopkins University or Harvard Medical School, and… the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid the responsibility squarely on doctors, nurses and hospital administrators.

“Doctors are the key to stamping out superbugs. Antibiotic resistance threatens to return us to a time when a simple infection could kill,” CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told reporters…

“These infections are not mysterious,” he said. “They’re caused by unwashed hands, rooms that are not cleaned thoroughly, overuse and misuse of antibiotics, a lack of careful hygiene in inserting catheters and other tubes, and slow detection of outbreaks.

There are clear simple steps. The hard part is to do them each and every time.”

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