• Hello , what did dogs eat before roughly 1970  , there was no dog food in a bag or can , dogs ate what the people ate, pure and simple, and they were way healthier and lived longer .  Cancer was almost unheard of , and dogs lived regularly into their 20’s .  97%  of dog food is full of “known” cancer causing chemicals “ and by products”

    Even the so – called natural organic dog foods are devoid in calcium and saturated fat that your dog could get from “whole” milk which was a big part of a dogs diet in biblical times.

  •    You can tell the health of a dog or cat by the” coat”, does it “shine” , and if it sheds ,especially in the [ winter],   which it should not ,if it’s getting the proper nutrients from what you are feeding it .

  •   You do not want to bathe dogs regularly, especially with tap water , the chlorine washes the oils of their coat , and can affect their immune system, they clean  themselves [ tongue]  .

    If you have to bathe them in tap water, get a gallon of spring water after you’re done and just pour the spring water over the dog and with your hand, wipe the film of chlorine of the dogs coat .

  •   You” cannot “give dogs medications or drugs for their livers do not metabolize them , it’s like the 1st point of” canine physiology” a would be Vet learns , so why is it” so” common place in the Veterinarian world ?.  Because they love money more than animals , again,  1 Tim 6 : 10  [Niv] bible .

  •  The reason your dog eats grass is because he’s trying to bring up the chemicals in the junkie  dog food  , anything” green” cleans out the insides .

  • Animals [ dogs ] can appreciate music as well as plants .  Study’s have shown Cows that listened to soft music give more milk than cows that don’t  [LOL]  .  And plants have been known to actually wilt when placed around heavy metal music.[ LOL ]

        ” So put soft music on when you leave the dog for any length of time “.

  •  A dogs tongue has medicinal [ healing] powers , they can heal their own  sores and cuts as well as humans  Lk 16 : 21 [ Niv] bible .



  • Do not give animals” ICE” water it can stop their hearts, cold is fine .

  • The new or latest practice  is” wrapping or tying the leash around the dogs snout” , it’s terrible, and there is no need for it, period . A dog sweats [ panting]   predominately [ through its mouth] and a little [ through its paws] . The mouth has to be” wide open” or  it will overheat quickly in warmer weather .

  • Black dogs overheat way quicker than other color coats , you shouldn’t walk any dog between say 10 am and 7pm in the summer .

  • Dog’s are” not” the smartest  of all animals , they are like I think tenth out of the top 10 smartest animals , but they are tied in emotionally more than any other animal to humans . If your sad, so are they  , if your happy, so are they . Amazing how God designed things . 

  •  We [ humans] are fearfully and wonderfully made, Ps 139 : 14 [ Niv] bible ,the same” can’t” be said for animals . My point , when we take in a chemical we are able to rid ourselves of like  85% of the chemical , but dogs aren’t able to rid themselves of chemicals like us , they retain like the same % as we eliminate . That’s why they get cancer so fast.  In like 8 – 10 yrs any dog who is fed “dog food” gets cancer . And in general it takes like 30 to 40 yrs or more  for people to come down with cancer.
  • They did a study taking blood samples of a 1000 dogs , and it was astonishing the level of chemicals in their blood from the tap water , dog food,   plastic bowls they eat and drink  out of  etc !.   So you have to be very careful of chemicals and how they can get into your dogs system .

  • You cannot buy the commercial products for fleas , it’s nut’s, their loaded with all kinds of cancer causing chemicals, do you understand ?  Do they work, ?  sure , but you can cause all kinds of health problems for the dog . It’s like the saying ” The cure is worse than the disease” . There are all kids of natural remedies for fleas , [garlic , lemon] etc . Just go google “natural remedies for dog fleas” .

         Also , you can drown them , especially if your dog is small, just get a gallon of spring water and pour it over their belly [ underside] were most fleas are . Or hold them under a tub of water from the neck down .

  •  Do” not” let your dog be vaccinated , [ rabies , distemper , kennel cough, flu’s  etc!,]  it’s nothing but a [money-making] scheme. The [ chances ] of your dog getting these viruses is” so small” compared to the vaccines causing serious nervous system problems , cancer at injection sites, fever, vomiting .And if you feed your dog right ,real food [whole dairy] milk , yogurt etc ,  their immune system will easily be strong enough to withstand any of these” non “life threatening conditions .  Most Vets about 65% , keep pushing shots because their so evil and want money,  1 Tim 6 : 10 [Niv] bible .

    And it’s “insane” to vaccinate puppies whose nervous systems are” so weak”  or underdeveloped at that period or age .  It’s much like vaccinating infants , [ autism] ,another money-making scheme . Which” again” brings me to this bible verse  1 Tim 6 : 10 [Niv] bible , unbelievable .Check out Dr. Jean Todd’s site, look at the comments of people whose dogs were ruined .   All these people post comments to her about how their dogs became violently ill and she still talks about needing to vaccinate your pets, unbelievable .  And go google “Should dogs be vaccinated” check out the” 2nd” link !!! .

  • Grains are great for dogs , my dog lived on whole grains [ chemical free] and whole milk [ hormone etc ] free  just like in the bible  Matt 15 : 27 [Niv] bible .  A lady once said he was the healthiest looking dog she ever saw  . And he was like 14 at the time , unbelievable . [ LOL] .  Google  [ Are grains good for dogs ]  check out links by   1] Vets all natural and   2]  Dog food insider .

  • Calcium is very important to animals as well as humans . Study’s have shown they are less cannibalistic, stay more calm, when getting enough calcium . Which makes sense ,since  it’s beneficial to the nervous system . Just one reason [ dog food is void of calcium]  among others like cancer causing chemicals, by- products, artificial ingredients, too much salt and sugar, why dog food is horrific .

  • Dogs do” not” need  fruits/ veg , because they produce their own Vitamin “C”  unlike humans . Most dogs will turn their nose up at this food group , like my dog . When I would throw a piece of carrot on the floor to him he would just play with it half heartedly , but wouldn’t eat it . And when I would go over and say that’s my piece of carrot, he would grab it, move over some, put it back down, and just look at me like I don’t want it , but it’s mine . [ Lol]Now of course there are exceptions to the rule , I know, some people say their dogs eat that food group , and/or say you put peas in their bowl of real food, yes they might scarf them up also . In general , if you put out a piece of carrot , apple , orange etc ! [by itself] they won’t eat it .


  • It blows me away ,thinking about how [ dogs and cats] when they want to clean their faces will lick the “side” of their paws , then wipe their faces with the side of their paws  . Unbelievable .  I’m laughing so hard .

  • Do animals actually know or realize God exists  Ps 104: 27 ,  Job 38 : 41 [Niv] bible . Unbelievable .

  • Here’s another reason dog food is bad , dogs, especially big dogs , need to eat food in bigger chunks , not small little pebbles or pellets .

    I was reading on I think a site called [ Dogster] , about dogs eating poop . The women was saying it’s because they can actually get live  digestive enzymes from feces, which they aren’t getting from dog food,  which I found interesting .

  • The American kennel club site had an article about what[ fruits / veg] dogs can eat , unbelievable . Again , dogs do not need and generally don’t want that food group because it’s mostly vitamin C , and dogs produce their own vitamin C . This a scientific fact .You do not need to have your dogs nails trimmed , the pet store’s that perform this service a lot of time’ s will cut them too short and can cause the pet lots of problems .  All you have to do is walk your dog that will file their nails the natural way .

  • You do not want to give your dog rawhide bones etc they are terrible , they regularly  block the intestinal tract and cause very serious problems . The best thing to do is get ,  I think it’s pig bones , they are flat,  not sharp  , and then you boil it for x amount of time and let them gnaw on that when they want .
  • I remember when I got my dog of this women,  she was living below me and I started to give him whole milk . I never forget when she said his head got bigger .
  • Dog food is terrible even the supposed good one’s have at least one chemical in them and are devoid of calcium.
  • If your dog has floppy ears it’s important to flip them back periodically when they are outside , to let the air get in the ear canal.  The air helps keep them dry instead of moist , which prevents ear infections .



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