Don’t mix :

1]  starches [potatoes ] with meats  [ steak , fish] etc !
2]  fruit with vegetables
3]  nut’s and grains [ try it you will pass gas about a half hour later for a while ]
4]  Dairy and fruit
5]  More than “2” different fruits at one time
6]  alcohol with fruit
 7] 2 types of protein at one meal [ nuts with meat , eggs with steak]

  These” 4″ can mix or go together [  bread , meats, vegetables , milk] . As the bible shows Gen 18 : 1-7 Niv bible .

  As well as :    nut’s and fruit   ,  alcohol and dairy

  • The reason you fart is because your mixing too many foods at one time .

  • All the food” combing chart” company’s show or are telling you, that you can’t eat [ carbs] bread  with protein [ fish, chicken, turkey],  which is” not” true . You then wouldn’t be able to have a sandwich,  or pizza , which is ridiculous .
  • Again , you must eat bread  [ carbs] with your [meats] protein to keep from going into Ketosis . 
  • The bible shows you can mix bread with meats and dairy for instance .Gen 18 : 1 – 7 [Niv] bible .
  •  Again , For those who say it doesn’t matter how you mix foods , eat a piece of bread with some nuts , and I guarantee you will be passing gas a little while later . 

    I  still can’t believe when you go to all the food combining chart site’s that every one of them teaches you can’t eat carbs with protein, when that is exactly what you want to do to keep from going into Ketosis which is very unhealthy .

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