Thoughts :

When I googled “4” food group charts , one of the links was” whatever happened to the 4 food groups”.   I had to laugh .

No, there’s not 3 , 5 or 7 food groups , but “4”  .  Keep it simple, as Einstein said .

It’s funny , when was the last time you heard the old saying ” to ensure you get all 6 essential nutrients eat from all “4 “food groups” . Well ,  one of the points made on the food group site was ,” to ensure you get all 6 essential nutrient’s eat from all” 4″ food groups”. That goes against what you hear today .  Being told [whole] dairy and even whole grains [ carbs]  are bad for one’s health , as well as any kind of meats whether animal , sea creatures , or fowl  [ strict vegan]  .

When you go onto that site “basic food groups”  they have protein or this or that  as a food group etc ! which makes no sense . “Nutrient’s are not a food group” , foods are , that’s why it’s called food groups .

Remember that saying ” if it’s new it can’t be true , and if it’s true it’s not new ” and how it goes perfectly with modern times changing from the original true correct “4” food groups to the modern 3, 5, or 7 food groups .

                                                   [ Basic Vitamins in each group ]

1] Grains –  Mostly B and E
2] Whole Dairy – A, B, D
3] Fruit/ Veg –  A and C some K
4] Meats [ which includes nuts, poultry  !!!]  A,  B,  some E.

Key point :

Just listen to your body , always keeping these 4 food groups in mind which group is your body more or less craving .  When you are deficient in a vitamin your body will crave foods that contain that vitamin. Think about it !!! .

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