Greetings, as Christ would say , to the” Foundation of Nutrition” The Bible,  a health site by .

This site is about using the bible as the anchor to eating” right” which science backs up .   For example, carbs [ grains / bread]   are the body’s main source of fuel a scientific fact, not protein or fat ,which the bible backs up Zech 9 : 17 [ Niv] bible .  It’s about getting your nutrients , vitamins , minerals from “food” not pills , which are essentially “unnecessary”  as science tells us .  I checked on the prevailing belief our soil is depleted and I found we still have some of the [ richest” class 1″ soil in the  whole world] in the Ca . valleys  were we get most of our produce etc! . Besides the body absorbs nutrients from  pills poorly .  

This site is simple, as Einstein said or alluded to ” Keep it simple ” nothing fancy .  Unlike all the health talk shows across the” whole country” who try to impress you with all kinds of complicated terminology like   C- reactor proteins , methilation ,etc !, but dismiss ,forget, or blow of ” basic simple nutritional principles” like the above point about carbs being the body’s main source of fuel.  And every one of them advocating misinformation like low to no carbs [ Paleo , Atkins ] , to people’s detriment,  Hos 4 : 6 [Niv] bible . unbelievable .

As a matter of fact this site is” so” simple even a 4th grader can understand it ,  see “the Doctrine of Signature” [ LOL] .

Think about this, we the [ U. S . ] consume more Vitamins and supplements , and health related pills than almost any country, yet we are one of the most” unhealthy” people in the world , hello ! .  So it’s about eating right, and if you do, you do “not” need pills , [ Vit, supps] and if you don’t eat right , [following this site]  it doesn’t matter that you take Vit and Supp, because, as I just stated ,the body absorbs nutrients from pills  [ I don’t care whose line of pills it is ]  very poorly . The only natural Vitamins are found in “food” not pills .


I try to get everyone to understand there are no bad foods except certain meats  [ unless you prepare them wrong ] ie ;  potatoes [deep fried ]  . There are no bad [  fruits /Veg , grains , whole dairy products ,]  but a variety.   Again ,the only foods  you” can’t”  eat  any  you wish too, are ,the  animal  [ meats] and certain [ seafood , fowl ]  etc ! . See  Lev  11 : all [ Niv] bible.

For example, there are 4″ original” food groups  1] grains  2] fruit/ veg  3 ] whole dairy  4]  meats , nuts , poultry , and to get all” 6″ essential nutrients common sense tells you to eat from all “4” to get all 6 nutrients . This is contrary to all the” nonsense” you hear today that food groups are bad for you , like [whole grains or whole dairy] . How could a food group be bad,? how could something ” whole” [ grains, dairy] be bad , it’s whoooooooooooooole , hello  !!!.  


This site is about helping people who are desperate, looking for answers to their failing health , who have tried all the latest diets [ Paleo , Atkins ]  etc!, but are still in bad health from listening to all the lies and misinformation ,which, think about this ,will destroy you Hos 4 : 6 [ Niv] bible .

I have no” agenda” ,no line of  “my” pills to sell , [vitamins, supplements , minerals,] no office to visit, as is the situation with the  overwhelming majority in the health and nutrition field , who are  just trying to get your money 1 Tim 6 : 10 [ Niv] bible . Kind of like the old west , when they would come around to your town set up a card table trying to sell their bottle of  snake oil,  to convince you it is the cure all to any ailment you may have . Again, as I stated at the top of this” about” section  , we consume more Vit / supps than most nations ,yet we are one of the most unhealthy people in the world !!!. Hello !!!.


Finally , it’s all about eating the way I’m espousing from all” 4″ food groups [organic] if you can  , lots of [ whole grains , fruit / veg ,] whole dairy ,” cutting out” the pig and eating” way less” red meat , drinking spring or well water [ so important ] and if you’re having a health problem [ an organ not functioning to 100%] find ” HERBS” for that organ , plain and simple .  At almost 60  I have no health problems.  I’m a laborer in construction and reguarly”out work” men half my age .  I also have a section about dogs which I feel really bad for ,[ because they can’t help themselves],  and anything related to health, [ humans or animals ].

As for My credentials or education or qualifications see Dan 1 : 17 [Niv] bible  . Since God is no respecter of persons Ac 10 : 34 , as corny as it may sound to you , if you spend time sincerely praying and ask for understanding , Pr 2 : 3 [Niv]  bible he will do the same for you as those “four” men .

Well I’m at it , just because you have degrees or are a Dr.  doesn’t mean you know what your talking about  Mk 5 : 26 , or because you don’t,  doesn’t mean you can’t have the proper knowledge or understanding .  See  Ac 4 : 13 ,   Jn 7 : 15  [Niv] bible . Think about it .

Oh , and as for my sentence structure , grammar , correctness etc! so what, I ‘ll get better ,what’s important is the content or understanding , that’s self evident. Look at all the most professional sites, their grammatically perfect etc ! but they don’t have the proper understanding , truth , nor reasoning ability’s concerning basic nutrition  Isa 44 : 17-19 .
Reminds me of the saying  “Don’t major on the minor and minor on the major  ” Unbelievable . 


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2 thoughts on “About :

  1. Dear Bible Bill,

    Today’s grains and breads are not the same as 100 years ago — and, they’re vastly different from 2,000 years ago. Also, aren’t the current grain-based diet just making us fatter and sicker? Maybe it’s just here in the U.S., as Europeans seem to have far less issues with grains and breads. I think the preparation methods are one issue, but I would guess quality is the bigger problem. What do you think?

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks for the comment . You are the 1st one since I started this site like 1yr ago . Aaron, here is 2 line’s from a site about” heirloom grains” . 1] For years, chefs have extolled *heirloom* vegetables and heritage pork, but flour has always just been flour. Now, small-scale American farmers are growing ancient *wheat* varieties—lower in gluten than modern kinds—and millers are crushing *wheat* the old-fashioned way, for healthier results. 2] Heirloom or heritage grains are making a” huge” come back and we at Sustainable Seed Co. are proud to sell more heirloom grain varieties than any other seed company out there. Each year we trial many old heritage grain varieties like wheat, oats, rye and barley to name a few. We grow these old types out to see if they merit growing again and putting into production. Some grains are good for bread as other are used for crackers, pastry or granola. We hope you enjoy these grains as much as we do.

      Now that I think of it ,grains are actually getting better than the last 50yrs , less hybrids , more heirloom as the article’s stated .

      Concerning grain based diets making us fatter and sicker . You lost me there . Almost all the current diets, trends, fads,[ Atkins , Paleo , Ketosis] advocate “grain” [ carbs] free which is nut’s . Also, who eats “whole” grains in the U.S. about 25% of people , everyone , including most restaurants serve “white” with chemicals in the bread . Everyone has gotten away from whole grains, fruit/ veg, for meats and vegetables . We are fatter and sicker from white [ refined] bread , pastries , not whole grains, and lots of animal meats Red [ steak , hamburgers , roast beef ] and Pork [ bacon , sausage , ham as well as lunch meats [ baloney , salami, pepperoni, kielbasi ].

      Whole grains are so important that even hybrids are better than no grains in my estimation , and you have all the health talk shows and health Dr.’s Perlmutter , Davis [ wheat belly’s] telling you grains [ carbs] are bad , period .

      Hey , I go by the bible, which I know is the truth, or secret to how to eat right, and grains are everything , so it say’s Matt 4 : 4 [Niv] bible .

      Again , thanks , and may God bless you and keep you from violence .

      On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:52 PM, The "Foundation of Nutrition" – The Bib


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