Okay, here goes . I’m going to take a chance and hope I don’t offend you women who frequent this site , which if I were a betting man is like 75% .   I think it’s fascinating and very important to convey to you this understanding , so you can be on guard and understand what to look out for , as” 2″ general weaknesses with most women . Actually, you should all be really excited , and be on guard not to succumb to these “2” weaknesses , especially when it comes to nutrition, now that you know them .

1]    Women in general are more easily “deceived” than men 1 Tim 2 : 14 , Gen 3 : 13  [Niv] bible . I was thinking about how it was always understood [salesmen] liked to come around pitching their products that they say do this or that when the husband is at work .

2] Women in general have a problem acknowledging” Truth” , 11 Tim 3 : 6, 7 [ Niv] bible . The [context] of these 2 verses or paragraph is talking about women .  I believe it’s true for the most part . When I’m on-line they go on and on concerning nutrition but can’t seem to  get to the truth or understand what’s true , what’s not .

This does not mean men aren’t deceived or can’t get to the truth , just that women are even [ more prone] to fall to this character weakness so to speak . Hey , I’m going by the ” BOOK “, it blows me away just thinking about it .

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