I was thinking , How God is doing things . You won’t ruin yourself if you can’t run a marathon or do great , physical things ,  or if your not real intelligent [having a real high I. Q. ] . But what will ruin you especially your health, is if you let yourself be deceived , and/ or have the wrong understanding , that will ruin you . Do you understand ?

In other words think about it, what you believe [erroneously] will ruin you . You have to believe or understand things properly . If you believe the wrong things it will eventually destroy you .

Look at Steve Jobs founder of apple , how smart he was, sooooo much smarter than me, like 10 times, but again, he was deceived into thinking eating just fruit[ fruititarian]  was great for your health . Well, it wasn’t, he had the wrong understanding , he believed the wrong things, which ended up killing him . It’s fascinating when you think about it .

Same thing with Prince , he believed “whole” dairy was unhealthy , [ strict] vegan , and because of it ended up with all kinds of skeletal problems. [ hips] That’s why he was on pain medications . He couldn’t reason his skeletal system was deteriorating from stress from doing splits and all kinds of extreme girations on stage, and  because he was low in calcium from eschewing “whole” dairy products , unbelievable . His downfall would never have happened, if he didn’t believe the wrong things .

Jobs and Prince died maybe like 20yrs before they should have because they didn’t know how to eat right . Unbelievable . Again ,they believed the wrong things . A side point , they were both extremely rich , but it did them no good !!! . Ps 49 : 20 [Niv] bible .

This is what’s fascinating to me . I’m seeing without God Jer 2 : 31 , helping you to understand things like how to eat right you can’t get the “whole” simple picture. Nobody can seem to get it all down , and it’s real simple . If you don’t get it” all” right, you end up suffering accordingly, to how much you get right .

For example, one person drinks spring water,  eats whole grains ,  the things I preach on this site, but they think “whole” dairy is bad . Or another person understands whole dairy is great, much-needed for most people , but they drink [distilled] water , instead of spring or well water . Another thinks theirs nothing wrong with canola oil , do you see what I’m saying ?.  This is incredible when you think about it , unbelievable . It seems like no one can get the “whole” picture, this being my observation over the last 30 plus years . Just writing about it right now, blows me away .  It’s so exciting when you think about it .

Think about it, God wouldn’t make eating right real difficult to understand  , if he loves us, which he does. That would be cruel, right ?. 

It’s simple, eat from all 4 food groups [ chemical free] with the right ratio of carbs 65% , protein roughly 25% , fat roughly 15% .  Also ,don’t eat unclean meats from the animal , fowl , or sea creature groups . How hard is that ?.

A lot of the above is also about arrogance and pride, people don’t want to admit there wrong about whole dairy, or even whole grains, [ Paleo,  Atkins , Ketosis]  or distilled water, or that canola oil is horrific , that the body wasn’t designed for pork , or oils are great for you , do you see what I’m saying . Remember  Pr 16 : 18 . Unbelievable .

So you don’t have to have great physical abilities or intelligence . What’s important is reasoning, you can be real intelligent, but not be able to reason . Being teachable, not letting yourself be deceived , not being proud, arrogant, having the right understanding that’s what is most important  . Pr 4 : 5 ,  Pr 16 : 16 ,  Pr 23 : 23 [ Niv] bible .

Finally, I would say to understand things properly you have to go to God . Ja 1 : 5 Niv bible .


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