Water is 2nd in importance to the human body behind air . The body is made up of   roughly 65% water ,  the brain 90% and the blood and every cell of the body is mostly water which leads to the most important question , what water is the best? .

Top 8 Benefits of Drinking Water: Don’t Medicate, Hydrate!
  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue. …
  • Promotes Weight Loss. …
  • Flushes Out Toxins. …
  • Improves Skin Complexion. …
  • Maintains Regularity. …
  • Boosts Immune System. …
  • Natural Headache Remedy. …
  • Prevents Cramps & Sprains.


  • It’s simple in a figurative sense ,your tongue won’t lie. Tap water is terrible,  it’s got like 32 chemicals added to it to make it clean .
  • Purified is also so called purified by chemicals .
  • Distilled is” no good” because the process used to distill the water removes all the “naturally” occurring minerals , which” cannot” be replaced by foods as many believe. The minerals in water are  different from the minerals in food . It actually leeches minerals from the body . It also causes the body to lose minerals .
  • Mineral     Mineral water also has certain minerals that are not desirable for good health like sulfur, and nitrates . Mineral water is usually high in sodium which can cause high blood P.,   because most foods or diets usually contains plenty of sodium. You get plenty of minerals from foods which are needed in very small amounts so drinking mineral water could cause a mineral toxicity .
    If you are going to drink mineral water it has to be” natural mineral water”  from a spring , [ Fiji]  not water that has minerals added to it  !!!  .
    If you drink mineral water don’t stay on it all the time,  take months of and drink spring or well water !!! .
  • Nothing beats” Spring”  or” Well” water the” 2″ waters the bible always talks about . Do the experiment , let your tongue tell you which is best , have all the different waters chilled and do the taste test .

Check this out, in the book of Job there is a verse where he says animals can teach us things Job 12 : 7 [ Niv] bible .

I challenge anyone, put out a bowl of “chilled spring water” and a bowl of  the other waters [right against each] other, across the room for a dog to drink.  Let the dog go over and he will always pick the bowl of spring water . Dogs instinctively  know which water has less chemicals and tastes better.

Some important points if you don’t go to a spring  1] Make sure the spring , well water or natural mineral water , says bottled at the source  2] The plastic container must have a number ” 2″ at the bottom of it, the [soft dull ] plastic not the hard ,shiny ,clear plastic  to be “BPA” free !!! .

As for the argument whether to drink warm or cold water  1] Cold water tastes way better, because it has less chemicals   2] Lowers body temp on hot days

The good book tells us which is better Matt 10 : 42


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