• Water is 2nd in importance to the human body behind air . The body is made up of roughly 65% water , which leads to the most important question what water is the best? .
  • It’s simple in a figurative sense ,your tongue won’t lie. Tap water is terrible it’s got like 32 chemicals added to it to make it clean .
  • Purified is also so -called purified by chemicals .
  • Distilled is” no good” because the process used to distill the water removes all the “naturally” occurring minerals , which” cannot” be replaced by foods as many believe. The minerals in water are  different from the minerals in food .
  • Mineral water can damage the kidneys from naturally, the over abundance of minerals taken in , and it contains carbon dioxide which the body needs to expel, not take in .
  • Nothing beats” Spring” water or” Well” water the” 2″ waters the bible always talks about . Do the experiment let your tongue tell you which is best , have all the different waters chilled and do the taste test .

Check this out, in the book of Job there is a verse were he says animals can teach us things Job 12 : 7 [ Niv] bible .

I challenge anyone, put out a bowel of “chilled spring water” and a bowel of  the other waters right against each other, across the room for a dog to drink.  Let the dog go over and he will always pick the bowel of spring water . Dogs instinctively  know which water has less chemicals .

Some important points if you don’t go to a spring  1] Make sure the spring water says bottled at the source 2] the container must have a number” 2″ at the bottom of it, the soft plastic not the hard , to be “BPA” free .

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