As “whole” milk was called in the early part of the last century it was “actually” used as medicine . As the article state in the” Health benefits of raw milk “, milk straight from the udder a sort of stem cell of foods was used as medicine to treat and frequently cure some serious chronic diseases . From the time of Hippocrates to after the world war 11, this white blood nourished and healed millions .

The “2” most important points  1] Milk has to be whole , without the fat you cannot absorb the fat soluble vitamins A and D  2]  It should be from cows that have been “grass” fed .

Other points :

  •  whole milk contains omega 3
  •  It reduces the chance of diabetes by 25%
  • It contains CLA  [ conjugated linoleic acid which boosts the immune system tremendously]
  • Study’s show it actually helps to lose weight [ fat] .
  • It cuts the  risk of heart disease
  • It’s a great source of calcium


Think about this , go back like 100yrs ago , people grew up and lived on whole milk their whole lives and were way healthier than we are now . And you didn’t hear of all the disk and skeletal degeneration as well as osteoporosis in women which is epidemic today . 

It’s one of the original “4” food groups . “Whole” grains are good for you contrary to all the nonsense you hear today , then why wouldn’t” whole” dairy also be good for you ? . How could something whooooole be bad for you ?, or how could a food group be bad ?.  

As for the animal argument [ no animal after it’s weaned drinks milk ] it’s ridiculous , because were not animals , we are [ HUMANS], remember in grade school you learned of  the “3 “kingdoms 1] Human 2] Animal 3] Plant .

Osteoporosis as well as disk and skeletal degeneration are right now epidemic especially in women, do you not see the correlation since” hardly” anyone consumes “whole” milk  ? roughly 15% of the American population , but  2 %, 1 % ,   skim , the dairy substitutes  [ soy , silk , almond , flax ] believing the” big lie” whole dairy is detrimental to one’s health ?.

And if all these substitutes are acceptable replacements , which they are not for whole dairy [ almond , soy , flax, silk   etc ] again , then why does the immediate above point hold true?.

Another point , all the supposed acceptable replacements that I mentioned right above do not have any appreciable amounts of [iodine] which is very important to many bodily systems as well as fetal development which only “whole” dairy has abundantly .

As for milk contaning puss , it’s nonsense,  farmers put “monitors” on the teets of the cows,  as soon as it detects any puss or bad bacteria it stops the milking process . Milk has never been more pure than in these modern times , period . Also , you can get hormone free milk anywhere it’s very normal or commonplace . 

 You do not have to drink milk raw , Vitamin D is stable in heat so Pasteurizing milk does not alter it to any appreciable extent .

Do not buy milk that has been Ultra – Pasteurized because it destroys the good as well as the bad bacteria !!! .

Finally, the bible is “very big” on [ milk] it had to be whole, hello ! Ex 3 : 8 , Ex 3 : 17 , Ex 13 : 5 , Ex 33 : 3 ,  [ Niv] bible .

No, you need to go out and buy “whole” milk to fulfill what one of God’s great prophets told us  Isa 55 : 1 [Niv] bible , and quit believing all the nonsense you hear today .

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