Did you know coffee is tremendous for you, contrary to all the misinformation, lack of truth you hear today as was predicted by one of Gods great prophets for our modern times about 4oooyrs ago Isa 59 : 15 [ Niv] bible . There are no bad foods except for meats , there are clean and unclean meats ie : Lev 11 : 7  : you can’t eat the pig or a rat they were not designed for human consumption , it’s like putting airplane fuel in a car you can’t do it .

Coffee cleanses the liver , stimulates the bowels , improves thinking , and even fights diabetes.

” 2 ” Important points  :

1] Moderation is important ” He who strives for mastery is temperent in all things ” everyone should drink on purpose ” 2″ ” small”  6 oz cups a day .

2] You do not want to drink coffee” BLACK” it then becomes counter beneficial, because of the acid content, it must be consumed with a pinch of whole milk or cream. People  drink coffee black because it makes them feel tough and cool even though it tastes terrible . I have tasted coffee without cream or whole milk and it’s terrible way too acidic .

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